Rakhi and Cupids


The determination of potency (rephrased as the power of cupidity) among the various age groups of INDIA poses a nice case. Consider the tradition (or ritual) of Rakhi, in which sisters tie a proverbial thread on the hands of their brothers (prospective), in order to ensure their protection. With the coming of westerly influences, such a ritual is becoming subject to sarcasm.

You are aged 5 boy, studying in some school, someone ties you a rakhi (a proclaimed female), you say ah wonderful.
Fast forward – 10 years
You are aged 15 adolescent (still), perhaps on the threshold of going somewhere with more freedom (that is what we used to feel), there is a rakhi on your hand, perhaps in some recess of your heart you feel why a rakhi ???

Fast forward – 3 years
In college, a beautiful dame comes forward and ties the “knot”. Your heart beats almost cringing “not me, not now, not here”.

Well some say it is a tactic, an artifice to avoid potential “propositions”. Ah there comes February 14, now your heart says “puhleese let it be me, please now, please here”.

Contrary and then interesting. Well the clue in the formative years. A child just into the world, introduced to Hindu ways of life, reveres RAKHI.
The child grows up, is exposed to other culturisms. These Hindu traditions little by little fade into the background. Human tendency, anything new is interesting.
The child / adolescent is now getting conversant with the huge ballyhoo about Feb 14, which is like an antithesis to rakhi. In the ensuing fight between a cupid like avarice and the pristine “brotherhood”, cupidity wins over.

The adolescent, now a proud college goer, fears RAKHI. Why? Who will tie the “knot”, how will she be like? If she is quite a stunner, then I have probably lost a potential candidate as my Valentine. If someone does tie the “knot”, the peers would say hey bachchaa; you know perhaps she wanted to avoid you, so she tied the “knot”.
This character is stuck between the pangs of “being single and not having a GF” and that of the potential brotherhood that entails. Eventually sarcasm and a profound fear downs the latter and a new sense of optimism gets into “him”. He feels till the next RAKHI, let me get a female companion and walk the MALL STREET.
In fact the thread of rakhi is now cast in different light. From a desire to have some one to protect “me”, to let me protect “myself” from some one(s).
Interesting !!!!!


Arrogate, can I ???

Wondered ever why ………

I wonder why Almighty did not give me the powers to stop the inevitable.

I wonder why I cannot stop myself from reaching the climax in an intimate lovemaking experience or preventing myself the afterglow that comes as a consequence of making love with the self.

Have you ever wondered why?

Every one of us gets accustomed and move on when we are staring in the face of a souring relationship. But one sight of our loved ones or the ones who are still the darlings of our heart makes us gloomy, reeling in the aftermath of such a contact, making us feel why?

Though I may say, yes I have moved beyond and ahead of my past relationship. However, I stutter, shortchanged of words, rather feelings, when I see her. I ask myself; why I did not stop myself, stay there in that moment of existence. Can I now move back?

Have you ever wondered why?

That stolen glance, that momentary telepathy between her, and me that can make me or break me into zillions of pieces. Pieces that never meld back into original self. Proving sometimes the whole can be less the sum of the individuals. Even

Wondered ever why ?

After all the human body is just not a “tarred” collection seemingly disparate objects. Something that is called as the icing comes as a special offer only that when it comes it is inevitable and can make or break you.

By a reeling lover……


juste comme ça - part six

“Wisdom cries out in the streets, and no man regards it”.
Shakespeare, in Henry IV
“A vulture flies high in the skies, but its eyes are perched on the piece of garbage littered on the ground”.
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa


Products of a panopticon

Here is an excellent article that reflects on our (Indian) education system, which mirrors the TRIPOS system in Britain. We all groomed in our schools to be a foucaultian panopticon. But the truth is that we lose the perspective to be single minded in the pursuit of our interests. While it should be valid that we know something about everything, in that process we end up knowing only something about a particular thing.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : School reform: learning from Iqbal


juste comme ça - part cinq

“You believe in the light because of the darkness, You believe in the joy because of the sorrows, You believe in the God because of the Devil…” ENIGMA (From http://wearmyhat.blogspot.com)

I believe that the above statement captures the essence of existentialism. The belief in self is dictated by the existence of the other. One can avoid any debates by saying that "ah everything in this world is relative". That does not end the matter. Saying that you believe in "other" is because of the "self" (Gramsci) . There is one lacuna in this statement. It assumes the implicit existence of the other. Had the other not existed then your cause of belief is lost. It is like a dangling pointer.

The two sides of the coin are connected by the relationship of Oppression.The oppression of the self, creates the need for the other. Simplifying this, it means that due to the oppression of light, the space of darkness is created. This reminds me of a good line from the film BLACK.

"What is the use of eyes if there is no light" ......
In the absence of light, both the blind and the non-blinds are equal. This is what I mean by oppression. If I may say, if there is no light, then all blinds,non blinds are equivalent to darkness.

-----------The violence of self creates the other-------------

If we see at the flip-side of the same argument. Had there been no light, there is no need of darkness. Is darkness the absence of light ? I do not know. If I say that if there is no light, then there is no need of darkness. Is saying that "there is no light" equivalent to saying "there is darkness".

"I DO NOT KNOW". When I write this write this I get this clarion call from the great philosopher of the yesteryears without whom Sartre, Foucault would be like darkness... Nietzche.


Add to this the Neumann principle......



Going down or turning Page

Reading over the ages has changed a lot. From the days when there was no papyrus to the days when there will be no papyrus. Reading as a concept was popularised with the coming of the printing press. It was the printing press that could make the reading a ubiquitous activity. With the transformation of the papyrus to the stream flow of electrons carrying our fonts and the texts, the way we read has undergone a fundamental change.

The pre-requisite for reading is pleasure. And that pleasure can only be derived from the turning of pages. However in the dog-eat-dog world of today, pleasure has become inversely proportional to the time you have. Therefore we all have to supplement our thirst and quest to read by resorting to the electronic forms. The essential anatomy of reading is co-ordinated from the left to the right. That is why we often feel uneasy to go to captions or footnotes as it breaks this natural movement of eyes from the left to that of the right (Just a note that this does not apply to urdu). Even when we turn the pages of the books it is from the right to
left. Imagine for each page if we had to turn from left to right, we would not be reading anything for the pleasure of it.

However with transport of reading from the left to right to the top to bottom something very fundamental changes. First of all the natural rhythm of reading patterns is broken. That is why we often find it difficult to read in this top-down manner. Moreover books do not have any problems related to that of eye stress originating due to colour or structure of the book. In the electronic forms our eyes are already loaded and irritated due to the intrusion of the top-down mannerism plus one has to adjust the layout of the screen to suit the intensity that can be bared easily.

What used to be referred to as "I have to read 3 pages from Chapter 1" shall now be termed as "I have to read three scrolls from top to bottom". Never were mice so important to reading. Structurally one could the reading is like flow of water. In a book water flows in a continuous manner from the left to right. However in a screen it is like water reaches at the end, then it is re-routed to the next level and so on to the end. Papyrus made using memory as a media of information transfer obsolete. It made information laying and transfer easier.

With the coming of the electronic media the papyrus has/will become obsolete. We all will end up making different meaning by seeing the same set of electrons in our CRT. It is just that these electrons desctruct some natural rhythms and create rhythms of their own. What the electronic media achieves is to break the structure of the book. Rather than make the book look fatter in breadth dimension, it obliterates the entire dimension itself. In these electronic books there is no breadth, there is only length. This is an example of going back. Remember the days when we used to have those lengthy scrolls. It is the same. The e-book is a long book that goes into pages just that organised in a linear fashion.

Suffice to say that - reading earlier used to belong to the three dimensions, now it is just a linear exercise. The tangible feeling that we all experience while reading is now lost. We all are left asking for more, but something at the end we could say yes I read through the entire of this. In other words reading is now de-objectified.

Go down
and down

and if you want
come up

There is no turning back or seeing left or right.


Vacillation !!!!!

Vacillations, indecision and not being able to agree and stand by a single thing. These are few things that all we normal human beings suffer from. Forgive those leaders and managers are already honed to escape from such indecisiveness. Not for us alas.

Ipso facto, technology is also made to reflect this confusion wholly. Just that it just takes the problem to the visual level from inside the human body and the internal thoughts. Just as an example the common Recycle Bin is the perfect example. Often touted or misquoted as a utility to recover all the deleted items. However it is just a application that aids to the same. It is as if you realised that you in a moment of decisiveness had proscribed some artifact and now repenting for that illusory moment of decisiveness. Ultimately you realise that you have to fall back on your in-born trait of being indecisiveness. Here's where the utility comes in and gives you a satisfaction of not being guilty.

De facto technology is not something that humans have to adjust to and internalise them. However they are just the outcomes of the human characters and feelings.Otherwise what would have happened if you did not have the Recycle Bin, i.e. the levels of proscription would have become absolute. The human factor of being indecisive would have been overlooked. Rephrased now the art of being indecisive can be applied to inanimate objects like some worthless MP3 or a .doc file, just that you have 2 levels of abstraction with complete data abstraction from the user.

Few call it usability - I would prefer "indecisive".
Technology is not a vessel that everyone has to figure out how to use, but a mirror in which everyone can see how they are in that light. UGH


juste comme ça - part quatre

"By the end, he didn't trust anyone any more - not even the cyanide capsule he swallowed."...
ERNA FLEGEL - Adolf Hitler's nurse before he died..

Long after hiberrrrnation....
"You can take an .Indian out of India. but not .India out of an Indian.."
Dr R.A.Mashelkar @ IIIT convocation

Good one
"Career planning is an oxymoron, in case you did not realise....."

The anthropic principle
Says that all the cosmic constants were created in just the right proportions and ratios. However this sparks off a debate that creationists often find suiting themselves.
" It was God who tweaked all the knobs that created the cosmic constituents."
One relevant question arises -
"Who tweaked the knobs of the G"....
Interesting. Scientists like Hawking adopt a perception that there are multitudes of universes with different values of the cosmic constituents. Ah but then are there multiple G's that tweaked the knobs in that proportions.

I think Neumann knows the answer to this ....
"I think that he thinks that I think ........ ad infinitum"


being and nothingness

this is not an ersatz exercise. but that is how i am feeling now. i am now being perturbed by a momentous but really sombre feeling of having nothing to do in life. till now i had something or the other to do in my life. till 23 i had to submit a report of my final year in my graduation. till yesterday i had to give a presentation to give. though during that one i was confused whether i portrayed the guts to speak honestly or was trying to manipulate the judges to my private interests. but anyways now it is all gone.
till the moment before i am writing this i had to mend a broken relationship with a friend. unassumingly i have to submit to the fact that this might be the last chance to make or break the friendship. so that is also done now. therefore now it is like i am "being lived" in an etrenity of nothingness. perhaps my body says and agrees pleasantly to the fact that now atleast it can indulge in the otherness that we associate with life. but the soul demands emancipation from the oppression of the nothingness that is enveloping the existence of it.

anyways however the things are gone. now is the time to recollect and relish the memories that have built up with the four year stint at this college. whatever that may be memories are always cherishable.......

i am just feeling like a cry baby and want to break down and shed tears that would make even the Amazon shy away.




it is a kind of talent. the demographies of this world must learn how effectively make themselves poor. ( huh i forgot in terms of the seconds of the day they have). it is an art to while away time in a just-like-that manner. thats what i have been trying to do. just while away time in my friend's room asking to burn some CD's. suddenly lotsa people are coming to his room with similar requests. so i am kinda backbenching my requests as it is bound to cause some burn-ass sensation for my friend.
anyways if i dont do this, i just sit in front of the officially allotted at my alma-mater (soon going to be). this pc is supposed to be used to study purposes. owing to time-unbound students like me we have found lotsa other ways to pass our time (or make ourselves poor). we play get bored utter some explosively obscene language. the game we play cOuNtEr - StRiKe. it kinda gives u a feel of killing someone though i am pretty clumsy at that.
meanwhile if iam bored with this i try or sometimes feign to read which i used to do voraciously sometime back. i go to the library pretending to get issued good books that are just added to the multitudes of things on my shelf.

thats it. this is what my life has become in the last four months. i donot say this is agreeably pleasant. but still you have to get past april 26 to get to april 27. wonder if the scientists could invent to help junta like us. to jump back and froth in time. to fast forward it. not to say never to rewind it except for certain occasions.......


juste comme ça - part trois

Ashanti’s song said
“My days are cold with out you, but I’m hurtin’ while I’m here… though my heart can’t take no more I still keep running back to you.”

From a black to a white
"we bout to take that away from you too. first basketball. then boxing. then football.then music. then, to much surprise, tennis. then, to even more surprise and shock, golf.now freaky serial killers.ha!"
.......................................... from a freaky place you never want to go

i am a lunatic
"we all are lunatics , but he who can analyse his delusions is called a philosopher"

an intro for me
"Astrophysicist, round-the-world yatchsman, television presenter. No , I am none of these."

juste comme ça - part deux

" even wrong books outlast their authors" ... from essays on grief and reason , Joseph
that statement captures the infinitive temporaneity of books. well on that strand of thought anything that this human mind produces like one's thoughts, notions, idiosyncracies and well rantings. picture this own blogspot after you and me attain the kingdom of god carrying this huge bulk of worthless blogs in a huge, momentous and really mammoth hard disk. well these blogs are really the outpouring of the few who really blot their lives here on the cyber-ville, in the virtual spaces written in an menacinglyd-delible virtual ink (aha voila the keyboard). anyways such rantings are really going to outlast us, me, you, the person behind (who may blog in the near future) and chaqu'un.

on an "other" note i seem to have discovered that there is no real moment of happiness and contentedness except in the arms of death. just like whats happening nowadays with me. its like a state of being static, being rendered without time. time has no meaning for me these days. its like i have become "ahistoric", without memories.

"we have no past and we think we have no future" and " this present is just like a wind that is blowing but hitherto no one can feel it"

imagine this. i am living in reality which is just a conundrum. i have grown anti-gnostic because i just do not know what to do this moment. what am i going to do the next moment, the next second, the next minute, the next hour, the next day and the next month....................................

this reminds me of a rather pathetic song in a hindi film

"ham hai is pal yahaaan , jaane ho pal kahaaaan.....
agle pal rahein naa rahien"



after working with a handsome stipend in a reputed co for the past four months or so my friend/ roommate is now stuck in an awful situation. he and some other scapegoats have been identified to be sacrificed here @ ahmedabad. yes this place has been our alma-mater but given the condition of the city we are just like caged birds waiting to stretch our wings and fly away to the nestles of our home-towns and cities. our college which is soon going to end is situated nearby.(though 4 me it is really unlucky as mes parents recently shifted to b'lore leaving delhi)

anyways they are thinking up all sorts of excuses / ploys / and getaways to really get away from here. to all the birdies that are by chance reading this blog kindly send a wish in form of a comment for my friends and other scapegoats.

to all the birdies of the reputed co who do not wish to stay and rot here in ahmedabad.......

my wishes


to talk

whatever medium you might talk, it always gives me an immense pleasure to talk in an "other" language not just "another" language...... it is always like being a member of a langauge speaking community rather than branding myself as "i know this language". just as an example i have learnt french recently (maybe just a survival kit in french from alliance francaise) but it takes me immense pleasure to say that "je comprends francaise et je peux parle de ca aussi"........

maybe its an innate capability.my father is also a polyglot.....another example is telugu. telugu is very close to my own mother-tongue (ma langue maternelle) tamizh (well for all it is not tamil and very few people can pronounce that unique "zh" phonetic) and i simply enjoy speaking in telugu. often people remark that i spoil and destroy when i do so but they just dont get it.....
to put it very succinctly it is like having a "linguistic orgasm"
it is like people internalise somethings.english is such an example. zillions of people all over the world have internalised english.... so it is nothing but normal for all of them.

maybe speaking in an "other" language may seem awkward but since the process of internalisation has not yet begun so it is comaprable to having sex.... very interesting initially ... and then it gets internalised and then excreted... like the same for me speaking an un-internalised language is like having an orgasm (i still havent one in hetero - mode, though i frequently have it in mono - mode)

nenu ninnu premistunnaanu ------ well find out for yourself.


i used to think that i have this wonderful capability to shape things up at the last moment and then say yes now i can tell the tale about that. but thats not so it is really wonderful how people can take tension and then procrastinate not just the work but also the tension or pressure that builds up for the last moment.
but hey then another thing happens. people do really work it up very nicely in the last stages also. this was the thing that i observed last three days.i met three friends who were working on something, rather tediously for the past week yet they had relegate or delegate it. contrariwise they achieved the same the last day in less than two hours of effort. (just imagine a project of temporal dimensions of four months being wrapped up in just two hours of slog)

well thats the way students like me and in my soon going to be alma mater work. we just cannot work until the time has come or there is someone who is always trying to shove a bamboo up our "you-know-what"........



everyday i look for new and creative ways to waste time and money. then i take a look at myself and say
there is nothing coming
there is nothing going

i am just waiting
and be waiting

for an end that i am seeing
then i take a nap.

out of work

till yesterday i had been with screaming at myself for not being attentivetowards my project. well till yesterday it seemed that i had a lot of workto do, lots of catching up to do. (well i met my guide also who fed me thepills of fear, anyways i am doomed i know so it is kind of apathy catchingup on me). anyways i was talking about having lots of work to do. well idid some work (lots at that) did some cooking up and lots of use of facial expressions and lies which i think was perfected unto satisfaction.
but as of now after finishing the work and submitting the work to theguide/prof now i am directionless. in the evening/morning/noons i seem tobe without direction with nothing to do like a lost traveller who forgotto take any maps when he left home.well another thing. due lack of attention and apathy are like a symbiotictuple. and it is true. today after the con-se-quence of the sabbatical ihad taken i find myself taken over by apathy, a grave disrespect for whatis going to happen in the coming days of the completion of my graduation.the long period of neglection (better put evasion) has planted the seeds of apathy firmly in the terra firma of my soul.

here i am
i've just begun
yeah here i am
still going bad
going to be still bad
i'm just waiting for the new day

when i can say
it's a new day
it's a new world
i've been waiting for this........

talk about being ersatz........................


blurring boundaries.......

it seems to me that there is a very thin line of separation between overconfidence and confidence. i must confess (atleast that makes me acknowledge that atleast someone knows about it) that till today i had been what must have been zillions of years behind in my project. i had taken a sabbatical originally planned for a week or so but that soon assumed monstrous proportions in the form of neglect for about a month or so.
my guide (project) is distraught and i had a fight with my friend (although i think that it forms a separate part of my psyché......). but suddenly i find myself at par.i suddenly find myself as if i have gained the knowledge of the lost month of work......i think i have been liberated....

so if this concerns you or reminds the way you also mess things up then tell me is this really over-confidence or an innate faith that things shall shape as and when required........
is this really negligence on my part... or the way things are destined to shape up for me... whether any of these conclusions are true or not this is the way i've been living in my college.
never doing anything till the dagger over my head is ready to tear me asunder.....and i dream the blood dripping tuk...tuk .....tukkkk and then drops my head... well i've escaped many such close shaves..

however if i indeed do this again then i would say

" i have lived to tell the tale"....

go on i am a fan of this procrastination thing......


nice things said

well today one of my friends commented something that i think is rather remarkable....
it goes like this
"all of our lives are ruled by the actions and reactions (for the want no better word to say this remarkable thing) by temporality of the culture and the mannerisms of people.. in other words we all need a buffer period, to absorb, assimilate and discard, the happenings of and around our lives.....just the time for "IT" to sink in
just imagine if we had no such temporal cushions inherently built into....

Scene I
your mother comes to you and says from this moment on this is going to be your wife.........

Scene II
your boss comes and says to you from the next moment you have to shift to place timbuktu for company operations.......

Scene III
in cases of deaths it does take the 13 days or so (me being hindu) for completely revamping and rejuvenatin yourselves from the loss of the dear one..... imagine this 13 days were not there then what would happen...

of course of rational beings (this cushion seems obvious but owing to the nature of taking things for granted) this time allows for our senses to act or react according to the situation............


well this is gonna about me and my idiosyncracies..... not too personal as well...again procrastination has been my most well structured companions that has always landed me in trouble....starting from various issues that one has to deal with in life like deadlines...well for one deadlines are never like anything but dead for me......they are always like a dagger above my head...but still the feeling of escaping them gives a rush of adrenaline into me and thats where the pandora's box opens up......
above all procrastination is good in one way it gives you time (inspite of the assumed shortages of it) to think of other things in life ( like in french de toute façon a la generally) ........
well procrastination and looming around in solitude powers the creative juices of my soul but it has to achieved by overlooking the necessities and the priorities...

all in all you beoome poorer in conscience coz every time you do this you have to override the conscience and in that sense it starts diminishing.....

that means this same till ad infinitum
i do become conscience-less ..... such a thing has other meaningsss.....
i become the utopia i achieve the para ...... the beyond.....

well enough of procrastination for now

gotta work.......

sauver moi

my god these days..... it is very tough to survive in your own shell ..... a photocopy of your microcosm... somebody has to invade it and make it look like a public toilet in India.i have been haunted by such intrusions in two of the best things that internet has ever produced...


blogger itself

some comments range like an advertisement to enlarge you-know-what........
elsewhere in orkut i get friend requests of people whose life are centred around you-know-what....
and guess their communities are just the extension of this intrusion...

well someone ought to write about the intrusion of the " public privacy " by such you-know-what.....

one requests for such you-know-whats

laissez - moi
s'il vous plait .............................

so much so for the logging and blogging .........


juste comme ça

just suffice to say that i have been on a sabbatical from travail (and thats the new addition to my life day today), read as work.
some random thoughts

" when you donot know anything about something then you can do nothing"

somethings that i have clipped and picked from the live artifacts around me......

"life is like an ice-cream, have it before it melts" .... à la B L A C K

" man kaa ho toh achcha...
man kaa naa ho toh aur bhi achcha..." ...... à la coffee with karan with grande and petit B...

"don't love anything too much, you might lose it.
don't hate anything too much, you might have to live with it"

............. @ aloneinmydreams.blogspot.com

"sometimes somewhere someone misses (loves hates desires ad infinitum) somebody"

"can we have zero entropy"


knowledge,learning and earning money

since my school times very few teachers have stressed upon the art of what is called as learning and gaining knowledge.may it sound hackneyed but as yet the future belongs to the knowledge workers and the economies that orient themselves to harness and nurture the seed of knowledge that exists buried inside the heads of its denizens.yep but besides all this i am confused.one of my favourite teachers in the 8th grade used to do this.an exercise to bring out the dimensions in which one can think.i could perhaps say only during that period i was using my brains.but since after that i have been hearing these empty calls to learn.what have i done is to sag down the drains of mechanical reading and vomitting.even the college pincipal who has often been accused (in the right sense so) of lofty ideals just only to fool people.institute as a temple of learning etc etc.the education system alog with the evironment has just made me lose the art of learning.for me now the word "to think" send shivers down.learning is only achievable only when one indulges in something that interests him or even on the contrary the individual stirs up a hope of light of indulgence in it.thats is why to learn is to motivate urselves, on the contrary if not the factor of motivation is lost and one ends up as a mere product of the education process.our life must reflect the process of learning not just end up as a mere product of the education process which has now turned into an act of appropriating the minds of the people.here is to all the people like living in a dilemma of not being a vegetable or trying to be someone but obviously there is a factor of moneythats different.

just learn and i guess the money comes in....


A Perspective

It always seems that i am always interested in the matter concerning the para-mortals. Gods, ah.Gods have perpetually been a source of confusion for me.it is not that i believe in the god.on the other hand i admit i am not theist also.there always seems to be this innuendo whenever the question of god comes to me.god to me is hope, is faith, is love, is belief.i just cannot digest the non sensical realisation of gods in the myriad forms that exist today.

i often wonder why there is so much mythological literature in the hindu religion.perhaps i have an answer. the existence of the hindu deities are ruled by the axioms of probability.their existence for me has always been a source of doubt.therefore in order to capture the minds of the homo sapiens sapiens the super super imaginative mortals who pre-dated even the simians created these interwoven stories to capture and subjugate the imagination of them (lest they realise their potentials to subjugate others).however as it is true,circumventions do happen.therefore these magnificent stories are created and thus we have this huge collections of mythological stories that always seem to intrigue us whether the characters were really humans.why so.they are non selfish, idealistical,altruists also at the same time not being institutionalized by the society. perhaps after all this i must there can never exist such a human otherwise he would be a moron.i believe that the other religions have a strong proof of an existence of such an individual (certainly i conclude from my limited domain of knowledge).thus we have an individual and thus no stories.no stories means no myths.

I think hindu religion is the only one that is driven by an association of deities that always seem to be an apparition to me.

Often why is the thought of god always associated with abstenance,with non indulgence in non social activities.does it mean that the non vegetarians must be looked upon with scepticism and condescendingly.perhaps no in the mindframes of the fanatics of religion.

God and religion.another interesting aspect.the existence of god is intricately connected to the realisation of the individual as portrayed above whether by the means of imagination or by the means of the actual existence of such an individual.and i think that all such characters/individuals have formed their own brands of religion.thus the aspect of theism is just not only believing in god but at the same time wearing the brand of a particular religion also.thus in this case i am a vehement atheist.however i do trust and believe in the qualities of these characterisation of the god but never in the simulation and pretensions of the concept.

God and sexism.why never god is adjudged by the bars of sexist issues that exist today.is it not true that virgin mary and jesus are treated as equals.for that case even mary magdalene also.thus god without sex (in the political sense) therefore is it a eunuch (the rules of grammar pronounce thus because god is neither he or she therefore god is an "it").is this asexual god transexual,bisexual,homosexual or all these combined into one entity that at will changes its structure to the sex it desires.would feminism in the context of gods make any sense.

well eureka........


i have this fantasy about the god.the god why the god and i dunno why ppl are obsessed with a god, the god and after god at all.and i confess that i am not a kinda person who likes to go to the farcical temples around in india and do the kinda of things that other ppl do.neways let us start with the word god itself. our mundane lives are rules by the objectivities of our minds.newhere on this earth ppl need some kind of objectification of their thoughts and their aspirations.just as an example whenever we are asked about our ambitions the janta wud say i want to b like him or to be like her. in other words a shade of someone, a clone, a repetition,a redundancy.our lives are ruled by this innate sense of redundancy. i think we are created to be redundant.however the one who are the exceptions to this axiom are those who become the sources of this redundancy. they become the originals of which the others are copies ( in a sense ersatz as well). i may go further ifeel this kind of existence is a parody of our lives.let me come back to the case of god. god is an objectification of human beings worst fears, self beliefs, faiths and hopes. god is the this creation that puts a sense of matter into rather abstract things like hope,faiths,fears and more. however the interesting things that evolve out of this objectification, in a sense consumptionism is the attached baggages.i am no theist but i am no atheist.i exist in the grey areas of life.that is why i am a confused individual.to me confusion represents the area between choice and no choice.confusion it is great. to me ppl are driven by confusion. the same way is my relationship with my god.to me gods are faith,sense of belonging and longing as well.to me god is faith god i hope. but the confusion that deprecates my mind is the sense less "chores" that ppl go ondoing in the temples. me being a hindu i have never liked going to these places and doing the same repetitive chores with no interests involved. another intersting thing.hindu religion are driven by mythological gods.therefore in that sense these gods i think never existed. i think there never has been nething like the GOD RAM. the only ram i know is the computer ram.forgive me for being acrimonious but yes it is.to establish the process of objectification the figment of imagination called RAM stories.ah stories.
stories are also a kind of objectification.stories involve a different thing. the transformation of imagination into a real tangible thing.further there is another force that acts upon this transformation. in an arithmetic sense of humour we can say a neo classical equation of what god is: -
F:- the act of objectification
domain:- imagination
range: - the entire range of unsuspecting ppl who are waiting to be acted upon by this function.
GOD:- is a object this transformation

F(imagination) --> a story,an object
F(story) --> god

F(F(imagination)) is god. and the results of this transformation is that millions of ppl are grounded.they become "godised", the entire process is one of godification. but then comes the role of the public imagination

now we have the new equation
f:- act of public imagination acting on the GOD

f(GOD) --> acolytes, tensions and public communal riots.

so the entire theory involves the public riots.

imagination (transformed) ---> communal riots,acolytes and culpable seers.

neways. the hindu religion has no one who was a realisation as the one portrayed by the mythologies.they are too ideal. therefore there can be no human who can objectify these characteristics.therefore we create stories of their power,honesty and all kinds of kitsch. i ponder why there are so many stories of gods and their followers. and the weird part here is that there seems to exist a network kind of thing among them.they teleport and telemorph as they wish.therefore the mythologies are a network of individuals who exist but do not exist. they exist in imagination but do never lead a life that observed them in their mortal form.since no one has seen them they are the immortals.something that is beyond human lives.beyond life itself. and since beyond life is death holds only for us mortals. therefore they are para-humans, immortal,super-super-mortals but all with no existential identity. however after these years of the publishing and inculcation in ppls imagination, we have these chores. let me give you an algorithmic view to this process.
1. start
2.leave ur footwear at the entrance of the abode of the GOD.
3.go to the temples wait for the arati.in the meanwhile take three revolution of the temple premises.
4.then do ups and downs that are the fav part of my visit atleast you get an exercise out of it.wonder if i do it regularly.would i become a theist or become healthier let us leave that for others to decide.
5.the priest comes.
6.you put some donation out of respect for ur social status or otherwise you take the gifts and then proceed.
7.caution in times of exams and other important events follow the steps 1 to 6 iteratively.the rules of probability wont work.
8.one fine day if you achieve something everyone says it is the results of following the steps 1-6.and if you do not follow this algorithm then it is in the world of probability.there was no para-human intervention the something is the product of ur actions. "Karmaneva adhikaraha te na faleshu kadachana" that underlies the entire domain of probability itself.the fruit of your action is the droppings of someone zillions of miles away in but in ur head itself. and in that ppl go to places for collecting membership for being in the god's fruity zones.alas they have to sustain the materialistic needs of business of being god and the pressure of being preist.my god there goes it.for an example ppl climb to the top of a hill to see a god.but some others prefer to take a bus upwards.i definitely can claim that the ones who climb have seen the god.the entire effort of climbing up just for a single purpose of seeing an idol requires a vertical frame of mind with no diversions.this process of being single mindedly pursuing a thing reiterated their faith their hope and their thoughts in a unitary channel.before seeing the god on the top they have seen the god in the process of climbing.

i would have preferred a place where there are no idols,no priests and definitely no economic incursions of the business of being god.atleast such a place would give you sometime to relate atleast with somethings around you and in you.i would prefer a place that is called a temple that has no business of objectification in the shrine and instead i think a well preserved specimen of a brain must be kept there.that will make everyone think is this god.i think it is to realise that god exists is to place unwarranted belief in faith,unwarranted belief in hope.i think that is what god is.god is hope,god is faith,god is trust.what god is not is the economics of goddy business, the stupid acts of ppl in the temple which is like a cordoned off area.what god is not is the money ppl spend, definitely god is probability. anyways this has become very random u c.again i am confused.but i like that.it reinforces my belief to get out of it one day only to find another one approaching me. i like that because it gives me hope to get out of it some day. and i finally love it because it builds in me faith in myself in my capacities, in my inabilities.perhaps god is confusion and confusion is god. neways i go to temples just for geting exercise and for getting into touch with others or sometimes to appreciate the aesthetic and architectural complexities of the place.however with the widespread godification of the geography, i think this aspect will recede back.one can proclaim now ever nook and corner has been godised,nonetheless my mind.i can never fit into this redundancy, iam a bug the code of software called god,i just like the stories not the business not the consumerism of god. let us hope and not be faithless and beliefless. otherwise there is a new acronym for god.


i wonder why love is god