after working with a handsome stipend in a reputed co for the past four months or so my friend/ roommate is now stuck in an awful situation. he and some other scapegoats have been identified to be sacrificed here @ ahmedabad. yes this place has been our alma-mater but given the condition of the city we are just like caged birds waiting to stretch our wings and fly away to the nestles of our home-towns and cities. our college which is soon going to end is situated nearby.(though 4 me it is really unlucky as mes parents recently shifted to b'lore leaving delhi)

anyways they are thinking up all sorts of excuses / ploys / and getaways to really get away from here. to all the birdies that are by chance reading this blog kindly send a wish in form of a comment for my friends and other scapegoats.

to all the birdies of the reputed co who do not wish to stay and rot here in ahmedabad.......

my wishes

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