Reproduction - Panwari

Panwari - Shop around the corner selling betel nuts and other uniquely Indian digestives.
Heard from one -
"Saab, choona lagate lagate 15 saal ho gaye" and then after some time
"mera matlab, paan main".

He goes on to justify that indeed it was necessary for clarifying the context as his duty.

Such gems I say.


Reproduction - Shakespeare as a mathematician

Q - Prove that Shakespeare was a mathematician? (let 2 minutes pass to overcome the surprise)
A - He solved the equation a^2 - 4b^2 = 0

Q - Please prove?
A - To be or not to be

-Again quoting with permission. "Not" to be read as negation and "be" loses an e.

Linguistic overtures

Discretion provides Directions (only the SC moves)

Note - Long time since some word has really made some meaning while juggling. Well this one came while reading this.


Rant - Chrome

Having recently switched to Chrome (100 %) I find its handling of RSS Feeds to be poor. Let me illustrate -

So I install this extension for auto subscribing to RSS feeds (Link). This page says "okay I am now subscribing to the feed that I wanted". However even after checking the box above, it automagically forgets that "yes I had indeed asked you to remember that I want to subscribe to all feeds via Google Reader ONLY".

Now this screen says "You are not subscribed to this feed yet". I would swear that I indeed did that before (in the screen above).

Or maybe I am using a wrong extension.


Permanently useless <> Dead

Customer Service

While the week long "siesta" continues unabated, I have become used to having everything "eatable" from Hotel Saravana Bhavan. I don't claim that they are the best in customer service.

Like each organization has its own bad ass versions of "I-don't-cares", in the same vein they also have the omniscient waiters who know what the customer is going to ask of. Incidentally while I was en-route finishing one cup of sambar, wondering of the potential combinations of the three chutneys, in front me, that might be used to finish the remaining pongal.

There comes this waiter doing his rounds and sees my plate and quietly brings a refill of sambar. I did not even ask for it (eventually paid him a generous tip as well, he deserved it).

This is the same HSB where one has to wait indefinitely for his glass of water.


What's the difference ?

What is the difference between
Apathy / Indifference

I am really confused here reading about anosognosia (Errol Morris in NYT), a beautiful line comes by -
"Patients that are amnesic don’t know they are amnesic. " (From here)

Reproduction - Raavan

Don't be mislead by the title, its just words / quotes reproduced from around my gang with permission of course.
My respect for Original "Raavan" has increased after watching the movie.... at least he was straight to the point and he did his job well.... - A review of Raavan from a friend
Original Raavan that took me a couple of seconds to figure out :)

Misspell and coochie cooing

I guess there is a tremendous market out there for doing a spell check on images.

What an image this one (tsk tsk, oh the spell check fed generation)


Why not ?

I decided to die but then retracted on that because "there are just too many books left unexplored, just too many films not seen that would not be given a fair chance, if I decide to pack my bags". And so I remained.

Deliverance request

With due respect to my friend, reposting his thoughts that echo the current status now -
Super accurate (especially agree on the school point)
I can't keep cheating myself telling that the next company I join is going to be good...
I guess once you get married it'll serve as the perfect distraction for the shit we are going to do all day long.
Chinna vayasula veetla thara tharanu schoolukku kootitu povanga (till 1st std i think) (translated as remember the way little kids are dragged onto their school while they wail in the background)
Same feeling now except that no one can force us, because we have supposedly grown up (mba lan pannirukkom) (after all we have done MBA etc)...
I guess the force will come again after marriage - parents replaced by wife...