Customer Service

While the week long "siesta" continues unabated, I have become used to having everything "eatable" from Hotel Saravana Bhavan. I don't claim that they are the best in customer service.

Like each organization has its own bad ass versions of "I-don't-cares", in the same vein they also have the omniscient waiters who know what the customer is going to ask of. Incidentally while I was en-route finishing one cup of sambar, wondering of the potential combinations of the three chutneys, in front me, that might be used to finish the remaining pongal.

There comes this waiter doing his rounds and sees my plate and quietly brings a refill of sambar. I did not even ask for it (eventually paid him a generous tip as well, he deserved it).

This is the same HSB where one has to wait indefinitely for his glass of water.

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