Resume Hat tip - Peter Norvig

Job hunting while sucky, tacky etc can be fun as well. Consider this piece from Peter Norvig's (Research Director, Google) resume / bio / self description bit. I consider this ingenious, a great moment to turn the conversation to places.
File it under other information / achievements or just below professional summary. Of course the nay sayers may say only Peter Norvig can do this. I think its crazy style brilliance.


Fun from the world

As I spend more days waiting for someone's final decision to finally hire me, I continue to enjoy the small world around me. For proof -

Text under the fold is an email I got for a job posting -
Warm Greetings. We have an excellent opening with one of our client for the Position "French resource".
Please find the details below:
Location: Bangalore
Shifts Any one of the below options
1) Rotational shift (Preferable) every 3-4 months
2) Early morning shift starting 8 am
3) Regular day shit-9 am thru 6 pm .... (so on)

Regular day shit - That's one typo I would never forget / condone. Mighty LOLs occured.

University of Iowa's Internation writing programs mentions this -
Short tories ? I understand but short tories. Please explain.