Some lines

Collected memory from the last few weeks -
"A friend in need is a ghost indeed" - From "Hamlet - The Clown Prince" - Adaptation of the eponymous play by Shakespeare - Rajat Kapoor
"...after these long years don't ask me how have I been but instead ask me who have I been or what have I become..." - Bungled / Mungled lines from a play that I dont remember.
As one goes through their lives, dip stick at the 35s should answer the question - "See how much rubbish I have collected over the years"

Some paradoxes that puzzle me -
"Our brains helping us understand about how our brains work." Mighty self referential
On a similar vein -
"Language helping us understand the nature of language itself." We live in powerful, self reinforcing ideas.


Soul searching

Cat on a hot tin roof, woof woof or rather meow. Very influentials for an 1880's play.
Naseeruddin Shah doing a GB Shaw for $20. Definitely not worth it. I slept through Arms and the man mostly.
I be the difference between Run and Ruin. Wow Linguistic overtures is back.

And finally from the vaults of outbursts of anger - like electricity, anger also seeks the path of least resistance. There is no use putting up to it (or resisting), you will be burnt and the anger will seek a better prospect.
Die all ye people who shout for no rhyme or reason or even for patriarchal reason.



Some thoughts on changing atmosphere I see around -
  1. Indigo Manza is now being called Tata Manza (Guess now it has become a brand of its own)
  2. Facebook Ads - All the options, if one clicks the "x" button is that it tries to get feedback about the ad insert but never asks if the user is actually interested in the ad? Why?