knowledge,learning and earning money

since my school times very few teachers have stressed upon the art of what is called as learning and gaining knowledge.may it sound hackneyed but as yet the future belongs to the knowledge workers and the economies that orient themselves to harness and nurture the seed of knowledge that exists buried inside the heads of its denizens.yep but besides all this i am confused.one of my favourite teachers in the 8th grade used to do this.an exercise to bring out the dimensions in which one can think.i could perhaps say only during that period i was using my brains.but since after that i have been hearing these empty calls to learn.what have i done is to sag down the drains of mechanical reading and vomitting.even the college pincipal who has often been accused (in the right sense so) of lofty ideals just only to fool people.institute as a temple of learning etc etc.the education system alog with the evironment has just made me lose the art of learning.for me now the word "to think" send shivers down.learning is only achievable only when one indulges in something that interests him or even on the contrary the individual stirs up a hope of light of indulgence in it.thats is why to learn is to motivate urselves, on the contrary if not the factor of motivation is lost and one ends up as a mere product of the education process.our life must reflect the process of learning not just end up as a mere product of the education process which has now turned into an act of appropriating the minds of the people.here is to all the people like living in a dilemma of not being a vegetable or trying to be someone but obviously there is a factor of moneythats different.

just learn and i guess the money comes in....


A Perspective

It always seems that i am always interested in the matter concerning the para-mortals. Gods, ah.Gods have perpetually been a source of confusion for me.it is not that i believe in the god.on the other hand i admit i am not theist also.there always seems to be this innuendo whenever the question of god comes to me.god to me is hope, is faith, is love, is belief.i just cannot digest the non sensical realisation of gods in the myriad forms that exist today.

i often wonder why there is so much mythological literature in the hindu religion.perhaps i have an answer. the existence of the hindu deities are ruled by the axioms of probability.their existence for me has always been a source of doubt.therefore in order to capture the minds of the homo sapiens sapiens the super super imaginative mortals who pre-dated even the simians created these interwoven stories to capture and subjugate the imagination of them (lest they realise their potentials to subjugate others).however as it is true,circumventions do happen.therefore these magnificent stories are created and thus we have this huge collections of mythological stories that always seem to intrigue us whether the characters were really humans.why so.they are non selfish, idealistical,altruists also at the same time not being institutionalized by the society. perhaps after all this i must there can never exist such a human otherwise he would be a moron.i believe that the other religions have a strong proof of an existence of such an individual (certainly i conclude from my limited domain of knowledge).thus we have an individual and thus no stories.no stories means no myths.

I think hindu religion is the only one that is driven by an association of deities that always seem to be an apparition to me.

Often why is the thought of god always associated with abstenance,with non indulgence in non social activities.does it mean that the non vegetarians must be looked upon with scepticism and condescendingly.perhaps no in the mindframes of the fanatics of religion.

God and religion.another interesting aspect.the existence of god is intricately connected to the realisation of the individual as portrayed above whether by the means of imagination or by the means of the actual existence of such an individual.and i think that all such characters/individuals have formed their own brands of religion.thus the aspect of theism is just not only believing in god but at the same time wearing the brand of a particular religion also.thus in this case i am a vehement atheist.however i do trust and believe in the qualities of these characterisation of the god but never in the simulation and pretensions of the concept.

God and sexism.why never god is adjudged by the bars of sexist issues that exist today.is it not true that virgin mary and jesus are treated as equals.for that case even mary magdalene also.thus god without sex (in the political sense) therefore is it a eunuch (the rules of grammar pronounce thus because god is neither he or she therefore god is an "it").is this asexual god transexual,bisexual,homosexual or all these combined into one entity that at will changes its structure to the sex it desires.would feminism in the context of gods make any sense.

well eureka........


i have this fantasy about the god.the god why the god and i dunno why ppl are obsessed with a god, the god and after god at all.and i confess that i am not a kinda person who likes to go to the farcical temples around in india and do the kinda of things that other ppl do.neways let us start with the word god itself. our mundane lives are rules by the objectivities of our minds.newhere on this earth ppl need some kind of objectification of their thoughts and their aspirations.just as an example whenever we are asked about our ambitions the janta wud say i want to b like him or to be like her. in other words a shade of someone, a clone, a repetition,a redundancy.our lives are ruled by this innate sense of redundancy. i think we are created to be redundant.however the one who are the exceptions to this axiom are those who become the sources of this redundancy. they become the originals of which the others are copies ( in a sense ersatz as well). i may go further ifeel this kind of existence is a parody of our lives.let me come back to the case of god. god is an objectification of human beings worst fears, self beliefs, faiths and hopes. god is the this creation that puts a sense of matter into rather abstract things like hope,faiths,fears and more. however the interesting things that evolve out of this objectification, in a sense consumptionism is the attached baggages.i am no theist but i am no atheist.i exist in the grey areas of life.that is why i am a confused individual.to me confusion represents the area between choice and no choice.confusion it is great. to me ppl are driven by confusion. the same way is my relationship with my god.to me gods are faith,sense of belonging and longing as well.to me god is faith god i hope. but the confusion that deprecates my mind is the sense less "chores" that ppl go ondoing in the temples. me being a hindu i have never liked going to these places and doing the same repetitive chores with no interests involved. another intersting thing.hindu religion are driven by mythological gods.therefore in that sense these gods i think never existed. i think there never has been nething like the GOD RAM. the only ram i know is the computer ram.forgive me for being acrimonious but yes it is.to establish the process of objectification the figment of imagination called RAM stories.ah stories.
stories are also a kind of objectification.stories involve a different thing. the transformation of imagination into a real tangible thing.further there is another force that acts upon this transformation. in an arithmetic sense of humour we can say a neo classical equation of what god is: -
F:- the act of objectification
domain:- imagination
range: - the entire range of unsuspecting ppl who are waiting to be acted upon by this function.
GOD:- is a object this transformation

F(imagination) --> a story,an object
F(story) --> god

F(F(imagination)) is god. and the results of this transformation is that millions of ppl are grounded.they become "godised", the entire process is one of godification. but then comes the role of the public imagination

now we have the new equation
f:- act of public imagination acting on the GOD

f(GOD) --> acolytes, tensions and public communal riots.

so the entire theory involves the public riots.

imagination (transformed) ---> communal riots,acolytes and culpable seers.

neways. the hindu religion has no one who was a realisation as the one portrayed by the mythologies.they are too ideal. therefore there can be no human who can objectify these characteristics.therefore we create stories of their power,honesty and all kinds of kitsch. i ponder why there are so many stories of gods and their followers. and the weird part here is that there seems to exist a network kind of thing among them.they teleport and telemorph as they wish.therefore the mythologies are a network of individuals who exist but do not exist. they exist in imagination but do never lead a life that observed them in their mortal form.since no one has seen them they are the immortals.something that is beyond human lives.beyond life itself. and since beyond life is death holds only for us mortals. therefore they are para-humans, immortal,super-super-mortals but all with no existential identity. however after these years of the publishing and inculcation in ppls imagination, we have these chores. let me give you an algorithmic view to this process.
1. start
2.leave ur footwear at the entrance of the abode of the GOD.
3.go to the temples wait for the arati.in the meanwhile take three revolution of the temple premises.
4.then do ups and downs that are the fav part of my visit atleast you get an exercise out of it.wonder if i do it regularly.would i become a theist or become healthier let us leave that for others to decide.
5.the priest comes.
6.you put some donation out of respect for ur social status or otherwise you take the gifts and then proceed.
7.caution in times of exams and other important events follow the steps 1 to 6 iteratively.the rules of probability wont work.
8.one fine day if you achieve something everyone says it is the results of following the steps 1-6.and if you do not follow this algorithm then it is in the world of probability.there was no para-human intervention the something is the product of ur actions. "Karmaneva adhikaraha te na faleshu kadachana" that underlies the entire domain of probability itself.the fruit of your action is the droppings of someone zillions of miles away in but in ur head itself. and in that ppl go to places for collecting membership for being in the god's fruity zones.alas they have to sustain the materialistic needs of business of being god and the pressure of being preist.my god there goes it.for an example ppl climb to the top of a hill to see a god.but some others prefer to take a bus upwards.i definitely can claim that the ones who climb have seen the god.the entire effort of climbing up just for a single purpose of seeing an idol requires a vertical frame of mind with no diversions.this process of being single mindedly pursuing a thing reiterated their faith their hope and their thoughts in a unitary channel.before seeing the god on the top they have seen the god in the process of climbing.

i would have preferred a place where there are no idols,no priests and definitely no economic incursions of the business of being god.atleast such a place would give you sometime to relate atleast with somethings around you and in you.i would prefer a place that is called a temple that has no business of objectification in the shrine and instead i think a well preserved specimen of a brain must be kept there.that will make everyone think is this god.i think it is to realise that god exists is to place unwarranted belief in faith,unwarranted belief in hope.i think that is what god is.god is hope,god is faith,god is trust.what god is not is the economics of goddy business, the stupid acts of ppl in the temple which is like a cordoned off area.what god is not is the money ppl spend, definitely god is probability. anyways this has become very random u c.again i am confused.but i like that.it reinforces my belief to get out of it one day only to find another one approaching me. i like that because it gives me hope to get out of it some day. and i finally love it because it builds in me faith in myself in my capacities, in my inabilities.perhaps god is confusion and confusion is god. neways i go to temples just for geting exercise and for getting into touch with others or sometimes to appreciate the aesthetic and architectural complexities of the place.however with the widespread godification of the geography, i think this aspect will recede back.one can proclaim now ever nook and corner has been godised,nonetheless my mind.i can never fit into this redundancy, iam a bug the code of software called god,i just like the stories not the business not the consumerism of god. let us hope and not be faithless and beliefless. otherwise there is a new acronym for god.


i wonder why love is god