knowledge,learning and earning money

since my school times very few teachers have stressed upon the art of what is called as learning and gaining knowledge.may it sound hackneyed but as yet the future belongs to the knowledge workers and the economies that orient themselves to harness and nurture the seed of knowledge that exists buried inside the heads of its denizens.yep but besides all this i am confused.one of my favourite teachers in the 8th grade used to do this.an exercise to bring out the dimensions in which one can think.i could perhaps say only during that period i was using my brains.but since after that i have been hearing these empty calls to learn.what have i done is to sag down the drains of mechanical reading and vomitting.even the college pincipal who has often been accused (in the right sense so) of lofty ideals just only to fool people.institute as a temple of learning etc etc.the education system alog with the evironment has just made me lose the art of learning.for me now the word "to think" send shivers down.learning is only achievable only when one indulges in something that interests him or even on the contrary the individual stirs up a hope of light of indulgence in it.thats is why to learn is to motivate urselves, on the contrary if not the factor of motivation is lost and one ends up as a mere product of the education process.our life must reflect the process of learning not just end up as a mere product of the education process which has now turned into an act of appropriating the minds of the people.here is to all the people like living in a dilemma of not being a vegetable or trying to be someone but obviously there is a factor of moneythats different.

just learn and i guess the money comes in....

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