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It always seems that i am always interested in the matter concerning the para-mortals. Gods, ah.Gods have perpetually been a source of confusion for me.it is not that i believe in the god.on the other hand i admit i am not theist also.there always seems to be this innuendo whenever the question of god comes to me.god to me is hope, is faith, is love, is belief.i just cannot digest the non sensical realisation of gods in the myriad forms that exist today.

i often wonder why there is so much mythological literature in the hindu religion.perhaps i have an answer. the existence of the hindu deities are ruled by the axioms of probability.their existence for me has always been a source of doubt.therefore in order to capture the minds of the homo sapiens sapiens the super super imaginative mortals who pre-dated even the simians created these interwoven stories to capture and subjugate the imagination of them (lest they realise their potentials to subjugate others).however as it is true,circumventions do happen.therefore these magnificent stories are created and thus we have this huge collections of mythological stories that always seem to intrigue us whether the characters were really humans.why so.they are non selfish, idealistical,altruists also at the same time not being institutionalized by the society. perhaps after all this i must there can never exist such a human otherwise he would be a moron.i believe that the other religions have a strong proof of an existence of such an individual (certainly i conclude from my limited domain of knowledge).thus we have an individual and thus no stories.no stories means no myths.

I think hindu religion is the only one that is driven by an association of deities that always seem to be an apparition to me.

Often why is the thought of god always associated with abstenance,with non indulgence in non social activities.does it mean that the non vegetarians must be looked upon with scepticism and condescendingly.perhaps no in the mindframes of the fanatics of religion.

God and religion.another interesting aspect.the existence of god is intricately connected to the realisation of the individual as portrayed above whether by the means of imagination or by the means of the actual existence of such an individual.and i think that all such characters/individuals have formed their own brands of religion.thus the aspect of theism is just not only believing in god but at the same time wearing the brand of a particular religion also.thus in this case i am a vehement atheist.however i do trust and believe in the qualities of these characterisation of the god but never in the simulation and pretensions of the concept.

God and sexism.why never god is adjudged by the bars of sexist issues that exist today.is it not true that virgin mary and jesus are treated as equals.for that case even mary magdalene also.thus god without sex (in the political sense) therefore is it a eunuch (the rules of grammar pronounce thus because god is neither he or she therefore god is an "it").is this asexual god transexual,bisexual,homosexual or all these combined into one entity that at will changes its structure to the sex it desires.would feminism in the context of gods make any sense.

well eureka........

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I said...

well written...
few things

Hindusim cant be put within restrictive limits of
religion...it a philosophy....
furthermore it doesnt have too much myhtology the very word too much is relative....u want to tone the puranas
(well even that has been tried)
well we are one of the oldest surviving non conversion typo beieif groups ... we also have a richi rich tradtion of saints and godmen ... and avtars so that explains the size of philosophy....

further god is not eunuch... well when we say fire burnt my house does that mean fire (a person) came an did it ...no!!!
thats just personification of energy.....
similailry the personification of truth is various emotive figures can be purush(male) shakti(female)
and "tasya ling nasti"(he doesnt have sex) i mean sexless... which means beyond sex and not eunuch