Linguistic Overtures - 29 Sep 2010

Self sufficient words in a sentence (could not think around it much)

Organism in orgasm ...
(Take "in" out from the organism)


Linguistic Overtures - 20 Sep 2010

Not at least literally or in terms of language but this is the kind of the firsts for me.
Japan's two cities are infact anagrams of each other -
  1. Tokyo (the capital)
  2. Kyoto (the environment protocol)
Are there any other examples or does this make Japan unique?


Linguistic Overtures

Noun and a verb as anagrams - proof - see the two end-letter reversal in the word

Noun - Categories
Verb - Categorise

PS - Works in one version of grammar only


Linguistic Overtures

This one is titled "Musically yours". Well, self explanatory-anagrammatic five letter words presented below -

Till its done well "Notes" and "Tones" are great. If not, all I saw was a "Stone".

Its like this cryptic world view of words.