Vacillation !!!!!

Vacillations, indecision and not being able to agree and stand by a single thing. These are few things that all we normal human beings suffer from. Forgive those leaders and managers are already honed to escape from such indecisiveness. Not for us alas.

Ipso facto, technology is also made to reflect this confusion wholly. Just that it just takes the problem to the visual level from inside the human body and the internal thoughts. Just as an example the common Recycle Bin is the perfect example. Often touted or misquoted as a utility to recover all the deleted items. However it is just a application that aids to the same. It is as if you realised that you in a moment of decisiveness had proscribed some artifact and now repenting for that illusory moment of decisiveness. Ultimately you realise that you have to fall back on your in-born trait of being indecisiveness. Here's where the utility comes in and gives you a satisfaction of not being guilty.

De facto technology is not something that humans have to adjust to and internalise them. However they are just the outcomes of the human characters and feelings.Otherwise what would have happened if you did not have the Recycle Bin, i.e. the levels of proscription would have become absolute. The human factor of being indecisive would have been overlooked. Rephrased now the art of being indecisive can be applied to inanimate objects like some worthless MP3 or a .doc file, just that you have 2 levels of abstraction with complete data abstraction from the user.

Few call it usability - I would prefer "indecisive".
Technology is not a vessel that everyone has to figure out how to use, but a mirror in which everyone can see how they are in that light. UGH


juste comme ça - part quatre

"By the end, he didn't trust anyone any more - not even the cyanide capsule he swallowed."...
ERNA FLEGEL - Adolf Hitler's nurse before he died..

Long after hiberrrrnation....
"You can take an .Indian out of India. but not .India out of an Indian.."
Dr R.A.Mashelkar @ IIIT convocation

Good one
"Career planning is an oxymoron, in case you did not realise....."

The anthropic principle
Says that all the cosmic constants were created in just the right proportions and ratios. However this sparks off a debate that creationists often find suiting themselves.
" It was God who tweaked all the knobs that created the cosmic constituents."
One relevant question arises -
"Who tweaked the knobs of the G"....
Interesting. Scientists like Hawking adopt a perception that there are multitudes of universes with different values of the cosmic constituents. Ah but then are there multiple G's that tweaked the knobs in that proportions.

I think Neumann knows the answer to this ....
"I think that he thinks that I think ........ ad infinitum"