A small exercise

Do this exercise today -
  1. Blog yourself as a hypothetical character - keep close clues to the real you but weave a story around it
  2. See and observe the comments from the visitors.
While responding to these comments you will be hit a strong sense of duality of the exercise. The feedback could well be for you and/or for the character. This is raw material to build on the idea of making you as a story - powerful, real-time. I love it!!


Zephyr and the intruder

He liked to stay in his room, where always he felt under control, his feudal kingdom. He felt under control because the elements of the room were under his own supervision. Zephyr could decide on who comes in, including sunlight, how should he react or even ponder whether the other presence deserved a reaction or not. But once Zephyr stepped outside the threshold of the door his control was gone. He was under pressure to respond to the sudden intrusion of external elements. Forced to react to the new sounds, new people, old people and even the Sun's play on him. Sometimes he chose not to and be like a transparent layer between what was on his right and what was on left. He could choose not to but damn those people who knew him well.

"Don't pretend to read", Zikka laughed derisively in a mocking tone. Zephyr knew he was caught while retreating to his shell. He immediately put on that "I am sorry" expression on his face with a fake smile that Zikka could immediately penetrate. Zikka smiled back, conscious of the fact that she had sensed that moment of vulnerability in Zephyr, caught spliced between reaching out and shrinking back. People like Zikka made it a point to blot Zephyr's social journeys, and these were the people who forced him to learn what he called the art. His art was exclusive and its only practitioners were the secret service agents. The art of being inconspicuous, the art of being fluid like a person minus his physical presence. Only because of his art he learnt to be cut off and be sane. Sometime he wondered why people are so fake with a wedge forcefully inserted between their external and internal appearances.

His life went on like this and one fine day came the intruder.

Zephyr had stayed all his life in hostels and knew an empty room without its occupants is a prized possession. Fortunately or not his roommate decided to go for a yatra to attend a marriage. That too for a week. There was he, lying alone in his room wondering what he could do. "Don't be naughty, Zep", someone hollered from the outside. Zep smiled and thought field nights for a week. So he set about decorating the night with a bushel of his favourite cigarette, a comfortable quart of "saste main masti - old monk" and settled comfortably in his universe ready to vanish. Once the rituals were done Zep set on to do his favourite activity of the day - which was to read a book with a glass of the monk and a cool breeze cutting across his thighs. For a bried period he was lost in this reverie and was close to becoming something which was not his character. He for once became a wall completely divorced from his room.

As the time passed by the bushel became a couple, page 6 became page 69, and the quart was reduced to an ounce, the apothecary's ounce. But he was sure saw a silhouette with tail that swished by and he was confused what to attribute it to. "Definitely not the monk" his innards whispered confidently. He chose to ignore it, the voice and the tail. When the quart was done, his day was done, or so he thought. As he retired into the bed and reached for the lights he saw the tail, escape the dustbin lid and not the dark room as he had imagined the room would be. At 4 A.M. end of the day shouldn't have been so bad, Zep thought. He could still see the tail sliding along the lower skirting of the wall into a corner along with 2 pairs of legs. The lights were still on and he tried to desperately search every corner, thanking himself that the room did not have many things on the floor to plunder. Of course the tail eluded him suddenly appearing and disappearing like magic act. Finally at 5 A.M. tired with the search, Zep chose to sleep and chose to forget that the tail could climb up the legs of his bed and put on a late night taandav on him.

The next morning was very happy for Zep thinking that the tail would be gone, but this elation lasted only for 30 seconds, for now in broad light he could confirm it was a rat. Sadly he surmised that from now on his control area, his terra firma, would have to be shared between him and the rat. Atleast the rat couldn't be Zikka, thanked Zephyr and went about doing his job - hiding from any external intrusions and calculating the area the rat would need in his room. He was firm and decided that the rat could not be allowed to prance in his whole territory till his roommate returned. Then it would not be his headache alone anymore.


Forget the quartiles !!

Don't target the 1st quartiles or the second or hell even the third. As per Pareto, and the tribes, its the quintiles that matter.

Can't think of a title

There was a young man who said: Run!
The end of the world has begun!
The one I fear most
Is that damn' Holy Ghost,
I can handle the Father and Son.
(Unknown limerist, early 21st Century) - From William Poundstone's Prisoner's dilemma

Meanwhile the fires must linger (from a friend)


MBA Hazard

On two different levels, I think there is a problem with this statement -
A good piece of statistics or a good piece of fiction, which is tougher to create?
I think, after undergoing the tortures of regression, clustering, multivariate analysis, the former is not a cakewalk.
However, the years of endless reading also says, the latter ain't that easy either. I think lets leave it to the Poissons, flauberts to decide.


Linguistic overtures - reloaded

Presenting the linguistic overtures, the longitudinal collections. At the behest of a cynic, here it goes, the time warped collection of tilted view of words.

Collection 1 - "Around the world"
Saluting the spirit of obsession - "Lust is contained fully in being a slut"

And they say the problem with the devil was that - "Even after reading it backwards it lived"
Devil and lived
Infact it goes a little inside as well, evil when prodded backwards is live

It's very puzzling to see two words describing the same action, having different connotations but the same letters just rearranged. I need not explain, but see the difference between -
Veto and Vote

Two difficult words with the same letters but very different consequences for our world, today. How a flip can make something so dangerous?

Collection 2 - "Mathematics on english - English language quirks, mathematically speaking."
A matter of taste : State - Taste = '\0' (Null character) which means for me (stating without having a sense of taste is meaningless). I am just curious or plain "wanton"

Matter - Meter = Eat

Touch taken to hurting proportions loses a "t" and becomes ouch.

Intim"id"ate - Intimate = " ID ", coincidence or Freud coined these words.

Propitiously "women ...... men" and the question to you is what fills that dots (a mathematical symbol). The answer is ">" because men on both side cancel out. Now this has some deep insights.

Collection 3 - "Quirky, related? Yes the words in English"

Gateway = Getaway (flipped the three letters in between, and backwards)

Incidentally if you have not wondered ever "Bedroom" has an interesting jumbled up word which is "Boredom".
Two unseemingly related words which are again jumbles of each other -
"Teacher" and "Cheater"

"Fresh from the rakes inside - doom is also after all a mood"

Disclaimer - Some of the listed contents above are plain rants or even beyond redemption. I know or sometimes I donot know. I have just documented as they occurred in that moment. Let me know which are "Meh"!!
PS - Meh is the latest addition to the English dictionary.


Random Quotes

A small session of random quote making progressed in the ideation area of my brain. So here is a couple of rant / quotes / whatchamacallit -
"Photography is just an eye between an intrepid at one end and the world at the other end."
"Death is also like photography but intrusive. The act catches a snapshot of life but in the process ends it. "


Linguistic Overtures

Saluting the spirit of obsession -
"Lust is contained fully in being a slut"

And they say the problem with the devil was that -
"Even after reading it backwards it lived"


Juste comme ce la

The journey of internet - from period to dot.

Linguistic overture

Two difficult words with the same letters but very different consequences for our world, today. How a flip can make something so dangerous?


Twitter curious

Apparently when someone tweeted a gmail address, I checked out whether GMAIL is on twitter.
Lo and behold - YES!
Where on twitter - Here
Soon I visited the profile only to see this and twitter offered me "actions" to block "gmail".

Well, the gaffes of technology ...

Linguistic overture - 7

State - Taste = '\0' (Null character) which means for me (stating without having a sense of taste is meaningless)
I am just curious or plain "wanton"


The Hindu's Literary review is a treasure trove to discover your likes and dislikes for a host of books. Some of them in today's issue -

"I have long subscribed to the idea that one of the novel’s primary tasks is to produce a map of the contemporary. By one definition, then, the province of the novel is what you read in your newspaper each morning or watch on your television at night. The novelist’s task is to explore how the news enters people’s lives and indeed becomes a part of daily life." - Amitava Kumar in his piece on Aravind Adiga's 'The White Tiger' (This is great)

These are women who live a humdrum existence, mainly jobless, surrounded by children, a world so common that I sometimes think it does not deserve to be written about." - Rumina Sethi in her book review "In the country of deceit" (Now this sounds really apathetic, isn't great literature about what is everyday and common, like the above quote. I felt offended.)


A falling petal

Strikes one floating on a pond,

And they both sink.

" - quoted by Ravi Vyas in his article on classics revisited (This is spellbinding. Poetry is a real dense form of communication and often very tough for me to even get near to it, forget comprehension. But this enthralling, WOW)

So for me THLR is a treasure trove. For many who really do like it, here are date wise listed archives


A sign of things to come

" but we really don't care about OS's the way we used to. I switch back and forth between my Vista and OSX boxes with ease. Why? Because everything I do now is in the cloud so all I need is a Web browser. Hint: starting a web browser up on both OS's isn't that much different between the two. After getting my browser started I really don't care about the cool desktop search or the improved wifi features (at least not that much). It's not like the early 1980s where there was deep pain in using these systems and each update brought a TON of new stuff.."

This is from Robert Scoble. Although I am not that well informed/aware of the cloud computing business and all, but pretty much of my activities today are centered around my browser. So more power to such things.
What I do understand is -
  1. The OS will become a "low involvement purchase".
  2. Browser will be the cynosure of activities.
  3. Apps will become indifferent to the underlying OS.


An issue with design

We are being exposed to a lots of good looking and useful applications these days. Top of my list that have really broadened what I know today are - Friendfeed and Twitter. But the problem still remains, the disconnect between semantics and application design. Sample this -

A business veteran of 30 years of experience has been wiped out. But the feature of "liking" an article says below that "someone liked this". I know that the person who liked it was referring to the article. But for god's sake someone has been wiped out, and the application says - "someone liked it".
As I see it there is a disconnect between the application side (the content) and the human side (emotion). This is pretty much disconcerting for me at least. Semantics is therefore about two things - the application, the human.

PS - The person who found this article "intriguing" is a great guy.


Grammar 101.2

Today I was looking for books to populate my new bookshelf after shifting to a new home. I found it really curious and oddly intriguing. In terms of the job, it is a sheer pleasure (remember I am not saying SHEAR, imagine the consequence otherwise). In my own queer way I was searching for books are reflect something about me, something about my journey through these books. However, given that I have about 100 odd books, which pretty much seems like a tyro's library, I gave up pretty soon.

What did I do? Revel in my own collection wondering "aah - I do have this book, oh - I have this book as well, now I don't have to buy it again". So I had the likes of Francis Fukuyama, "A Portrait of the Artist as a young man", "Vedic religion", Primo Levi, Andre Gide, "Tin Drum", "Remains of the Day".
Out of the dark comes this book by Lynne Truss titled "Eats, Shoots and Leaves!". What is it about? Well, for those who are familiar with the term "grammar nazi", it is about punctuation. So I am back to my own favourite topic - finding gaffes in english usage around me. Perfectly captured here by the author -

If this satanic sprinkling of redundant apostrophes causes no little gasp of horror or quickening of pulse ...."
"... it will trigger a ghastly private emotional process similar to the stages of bereavement."

It is always such fun to read about "mis-punctuation". Sample this (A panda comes to a hotel, eats a sandwich, fires two gunshots in the air, and leaves. When asked by the waiter, as to why, it says, refer the wildlife manual which mentions- )
"Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves"
Understand? Coming to the title, presenting today's gaffe over the web -

PS - What the two words really mean?


The van; the front. [Obs.]


A preface or an introductory note, as for a book, especially by a person other than the author.

Well, what can I say am I a grammar nazi? Well, yes. Maybe, no. Ohh! All of this later!!


Grammar 101

Okay I cannot claim to be a "know-it-all" as far as grammar is concerned. But given minimal awareness I may not make such mistakes. This is live from a B-School (event frenzy in B-Schools going on these days)

"---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Events Coordinator <events@%$$%%.org>
Date: Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 3:15 AM
Subject: $%$%$ presents Paragana 2008 :Launch of Chrysalis and Engrave ,Business Plan Competitions
To: events@%$$%%.org

Hi All,
due to a server error the attachments could be delivered.
Kindly RESEND this mail to all your college students.
Apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Okay so due to a server error normally the attachments cannot be sent, but curiously it was sent in this case. D'accord
But it get curious-er (pardon me), they want the receipient college to apologize for the server error. LOL, LMAO, ROFLOL and suchlike.

(so much for event organization pressure)


A complaint

I just have one complaint against the "book" - It does not capture the transformation of its own author as a character without, while doing the same within. Or perhaps this could be an idea that could be explored in the same book.


Linguistic overture

It's very puzzling, for me atleast, to see two words describing the same action, having different connotations but the same letters just rearranged.
I need not explain, but see the difference between - Veto and Vote


Linguistic overture

Touch taken to hurting proportions loses a "t" and become ouch.

Technology as an enabler - chuck that

This happened to me just now -

So when I am commenting on an article I am reading on LiveMint, which had some problems in linking. Apparently the third page of the article has been wrongly linked to another article by Vir Sanghvi on Rolling Stones while I was reading an article on data mining. I try to point out that, and I get this error (INVALID written next to my first name).

So today's discovery- I have an invalid first name. Thank you Amma, Appa for giving me an invalid name. Ayyo!!!

Linguistic overture

Matter - Meter = Eat


The bus and the child

I am sitting in my dreary bus ride back to home from my place of work which is so far that I could come from Bombay to Bangalore in that time. Fortunately the bus is unusually empty, meaning the average visible range is greater than 2 metres; which for me is a blessing. Don't confuse the bus being empty to having empty seats, all I am saying is that the seats are full, and there are very few people standing.
So I do what I like to do, just see what is happening around me and we reach a bus stop en route. Not so suddenly, but I see a pair of eyes that board the bus. A pair of young eyes, if you might. A pair eyes that are so wide as if they want to take everything around them in a single swoop. A pair of eyes that have the glitter of a young child who wants to know what is happening around, saying silently "I want to be there, I want to be here, I want to be everywhere". I presume that they still are not familiar to the idea of selective perception (blaming it on evolution) or become so apathetic to what happens around us (blaming it on age).
What I do notice in them is the thirst and vivaciousness which have long dried away from my eyes, the zeal to absorb every little detail around me with equal zest and without no bias.
Has age caught up with me or have I become too much selectively perceptive? It just goes on the reinforce what I have long believed to be true and now it is approaching the proportions of being declared as an axiom that "whatever be my age, the day the child inside me dies; that day I will believe that my age has finally caught up with me".

So back to the bus, the child (with these eyes) initially scans her environment, seeming so excited about everything enveloping her, the bus, the metal pillar in between her and the empty seat, the TV hoisted above her head, the sounds around her, the whistling of the conductor, the horns of desperate people in motorised vehicles, the blur of lights in the front, the incessant braking by the driver and the people. She feels wobbly being in a place which looks beyond her control and feels puzzled and excited by the gush of all these intrusions. Finally a hand comes from behind and they are safely anchored to an empty seat ending the intrusions and she settles comfortably into the world she knows best and is comfortable with, the world created by her mother who is travelling with her.


!! I/He/She just want to be 34 !!

I tried playing badminton resolutely for 4 hours a day and for a month and finally on one fine day someone said "you have lost infinitesimally". I felt "how mean can people be?"
She tried being in a GM, although "genetically modified" would have been a better preference. But it left her high and dry. Zapped, tongues unleashed looking for something that had a zing.She cried "what a waste of time?"
He tried catching the "11 number ki bus, the faster version". However his perfection got in the way because he could not do it just like that.

Then I and he tried smoking which they said helps. I and he realised "in addition to want to being 34 now I and he have to want things not black".
Oh! Then I and she just said "those 32s will always live in perpetual fear of reaching 34s". Someone said "that's escapism". I and She realised "damn you will power".

But then we realised we are just the way we are, unlike a Sisyphus, we have stopped climbing and have stopped wanting. Whatever comes our way is something unasked for. So when someone repeats that infinitesimal argument, we just feel happy for being rewarded for a perception that is a result of not being with us for some period of time. We know because we have not done anything, yet for someone I/he/she felt marginally less than 36.
Oh! Did I tell you, I am 36, he is 38 and she is 35.
PS - Numbers greater than 30 denote waist sizes and number 11 denotes a figure of speech for walking.


Authors I don't know

Periodically I read something and find out that there are so many authors that I just -
  1. Don't know about
  2. Have heard the name and the works but never sampled them.

This is a list which I think would be aggregating from now on to index my ignorance. Today's list

  1. David Foster Wallace - Suicide death on Sep 12, 2008, apparently very famous for Infinite Jest. A remembrance posted on Slate can be found here. Target #1
  2. James Joyce - I know about Ulysses, never read it, but now in Marshall McLuhan's book "Understanding media" I keep coming back to Finnegan's Wake. Target #2

May God grant me the humility to understand that I cannot read all such great people in my finite life. Let me know if you people know about them.


Update 1 - David Wallace's short story "Incarnations of burned children" can be found here

Disease in a pseudo mathematical notation ...

Pseudo rant follows.
I've been reading Marshall McLuhan with avid curiosity for the past week. I cannot claim to understand every word that he writes, so much so in certain places he seems far beyond my intellectual capacity. Anyways there are truck loads of gems in the seminal book "Understanding Media" like -
"Medium is the message"
"Global Village"
"Media as an extension of the human body"
"Electric age as the mirroring of our own central nervous system"
"Mankind's history is the result of 'taking up the chin'"
I've been altered by his message forever. Coming to what I was thinking, let us denote disease as a pseudo mathematical function - D(O) where
D- Function representing the verb "to induce disease or any other kind of discomfort"
O - Object of the function namely an organism
The current approach in healthcare is simply this function "D" calling itself. In other words, the modern day approach towards healthcare is just D(D(O)) where -
The inner paranthesis denotes the attack of the disease on the organism
Outer paranthesis denotes the attack of disease on the disease itself or in order to cure a disease, the disease must be subjected to discomfiture. Phew, lots of disease in that statement.


Technology as an enabler - Rethink

My energies and time and everything else had been devoted to our nouvelle marketing blog - admark.wordpress.com and I feel like a real traitor writing about wordpress in blogger, anyways who cares.

Coming to what I wanted to rant about - is technology is really an enabler? In India? At a big software company?
The Scene - Induction program for new joinees at a big S/W company where I am interning.
HR Speak - Dear what is your second name?
Secondname Speak - Ma'm I dont have a second name. (That does happen, don't raise your eyebrows yet!)
HR Speak - OUR DATABASE cannot accept a name without a second name.
Me Speak - WHAT (for the database comment)? What technology is this? How can this happen at this company?
Me Speak - What kind of technology is this? I know they might use a combination of the first name and the last name as the primary key for their database, but the instant reaction was - WTF?
Secondname Speak (in his/her head) - Phew! Now I have to invent a second name?
Ya! Its okay to raise your eyebrows now.


Let's talk Harry!!

I am back and with me I bring along Harry and his cohorts.

Believe me Harry Potter is either a piece of Blytonian kitsch or a great adventure similar to the likes of the Hobbit in the Lord of the Rings. It is either this or that. Can I say either you love or hate him? Probably yes but I count those who say the series is okay among the supporters. Reports abound the fourth estate that Harry and his ensemble have instilled the fun of reading into kids. Again!! Do I think so, I am a vehement affirmative. Let me relate my story. I started reading when I was past 15, and started off with popular Sheldons and Ludlums and Archers. Slowly I graduated to literature and the likes of Michel Foucault and Jean Baudrillard. But then Harry happened. The initial wave of exhilaration that started with “Philosopher’s stone” was enough to sustain the energy to wait, to be anxious and to be satisfied for the “Hallows” which came this year (2007) on July 21st in India, so to say.

For seasoned readers like me, what comes with the package of Harry Potter is very unique. It lets me, and people like me, to fulfil the voids left by “not” reading the Enid Blytons, The Erle Stanley Gardners, The Nancy Drews and The Famous Fives. It always feels like going back and regaling me to the wonder that is the creation J.K.Rowling. I often wonder what would be the reaction of an adult who is given an opportunity to read Enid Blyton for a fortnight. I know that “I am 23 years old and I am too old to read that now” would be the reaction. This is the challenge that Harry Potter poses to the “kid” among all of us.

But to say that Harry Potter is “child-lit” is to do a grave injustice to the evolution of the series. The silhouette of the characters has progressively become darker and darker. Atypical of “Child-Lit” Harry potter resembles many of the “special-power” men like Batman, Superman so on and so forth. All of them are orphans or have become situational orphans. The special power inside them is different and in fact differentiates them from the other lot. In this case Harry has the magic but the “power of love” is what differentiates him from the “others”. All our superheroes have troubled childhood and often find a paternal figure somewhere during the course of their growing up. The similarities don’t stop here. Somehow the superheroes and in our case, “Harry” are all socially aloof. Harry Potter and his cohorts are agents of therapy of older souls like me and countless others.

However Harry Potter is a linguist’s delight. For those of you who love the gift of language may take note at the first instance that the word “Harry” means to loot or to plunder. Isn’t that an anathema of name the protagonist like this? Phew!! It does not stop here. The entire story from book one to book 7 is littered with linguistic revelations like this. Let us take “Avada Kedavra” or the killing curse. Does the second word look familiar? Kedavra is derived from the word “Cadaver” which means a corpse. What about “Wingardium Leviosa”? Well this is the charm that causes objects to “Levitate”; I guess the connection is clear. Probably the best one is “Levicorpus”. It is an intelligent combination of levitation and corpus which means body. The list goes on with the ilk of “Oppugno”, “Expecto Patronum”, “Fiendfyre” and several such likes. The antagonist “Voldemort” is derived from the word “mort” meaning death. Harry ultimately steals his death from Voldemort by dying himself first. The book is a treasure trove of innocently named characters which when seen in a perspective turn out to be a real surprise. Perhaps in the rush of reading one might not note that “Kreacher” sounds same as “Creature”, a derogatory remark on the lowliness of the house elf. The endearing character “Molly Weasley” is an overprotective one, now does “mollycoddle” sound related. I guess I could go on and on.

Perhaps then Harry Potter is all about magic and it depends on the way you see it. The naming of characters, places and the spells draws from such varied sources that I cannot stop and wonder where I should stop. The esteemed reader of this eulogy will know that I am an aficionado of “Harry the-boy-who-lived Potter”.

"Small wonder that spell means both a story told, and a formula of power over living men." - J.R.R. Tolkien


Life like it was not

Some random observations on my existence follows in a list style.
  1. Nowadays it is harder to decide whether to read a book or attend to my blog feeds. Well don't give me the structure, form and the plot based logic. It is failing and I am witnessing it destroying my reading capacity (books only).
  2. Now I let the world know what I am doing, feeling now and real time. Thanks to twitter and the great minds that I am following on it.
  3. It is both amazing and appalling to see the kinds of minds that exist on the web. The majority is still towards the amazing side.
  4. Agencyfaqs throws up some interesting thoughts - SMS is more powerful than SPAM. What the fuck? So now I will get promotions to enlarge my "weeny" on my mobile phone.
  5. Indian homes still have one TV set though the members of this family keep on changing their apparel, mobile phones and what not. Agencyfaqs informs that another TV could kill the family by letting everyone see his/her own channel when they want it. Perhaps its the time to further nuclearise the Indian nuclear family. So the TV manufacturers should say "We offer you a TV that you can own and see it without the hassles of "agreeing" to see what your family wants".
  6. Cleaning the blog feeds, for those on the web constantly, has now qualified to be tagged as "doing a chore" like cleaning those windows after 6 months. Just that it happens once in a few days or weeks. Talk about everyone being an information voyeur.


Rants due to the distresses of a vacation

Catching up with friends of the yonder has become a tedious job now. Suddenly I have to put up with monosyllabic replies from those who used to talk loquaciously (at least not the extreme of being monosyllabic).
What is it that has changed?
  1. Is it me?
  2. Is it my attitude?
  3. Is it the whole deal?
This is the conversation that typically happens -
Me/Them - How are you?
(If the reply is "hmmm ... fine", there it goes for a toss and forget catching up)
This is a typical defensive reply implying "I am okay and do not wish to divulge/share the details of my own life".
This reply can be delayed by deliberate additions of "Who are you", "What are you doing here", "Long time yaar" etc etc.
Me/Them - How is work?
(Again if the reply is "hmmm .. fine", it means that yet another thread for opening a conversation is lost. I don't try and neither do they)

Lessons learnt -
  1. Catching up means like a cultivation. Without the regular watering and tilling, the soil won't produce cauliflowers (a flower, still)
  2. If you have not caught up, try as soon as possible. But in my case, my conversations have dried up and I have not picked up the skills of how to keep a conversation fertile.
  3. I have lost and have stopped catching up. I always see the same question in my mind - "On what pretext should I talk? What do I speak with them?"
  4. Friendship is an effort and distance not only separates them but also their lives, from me. There is always an implicit need to keep that connection with their lives. Once the connection is lost, all such conversations become superficial and baseless without the "masala" that I used to share.
  5. Friendship can become a chore more often than not it can become a useless chore.
All throughout I just remember one song that has pestered me long enough. Verbatim copy of lyrics, now make much more sense now.

Champagne Supernova / Oasis

How many special people change

How many lives are living strange
Where were you when we were getting high?
Slowly walking down the hall
Faster than a cannon ball
Where were you while we were getting high?

Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova in the sky
Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova
A champagne supernova in the sky

Wake up the dawn and ask her why
A dreamer dreams she never dies
Wipe that tear away now from your eye
Slowly walking down the hall
Faster than a cannon ball
Where were you when we were getting high?

Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova in the sky
Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova
A champagne supernova in the sky

Cos people believe that they're
Gonna get away for the summer
But you and I, we live and die
The world's still spinning round
We don't know why
Why, why, why, why

How many special people change
How many lives are living strange
Where were you when we were getting high?
Slowly walking down the hall
Faster than a cannon ball
Where were you while we were getting high?

Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova in the sky
Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova
A champagne supernova in the sky

Cos people believe that they're
Gonna get away for the summer
But you and I, we live and die
The world's still spinning round
We don't know why
Why, why, why, why

How many special people change
How many lives are living strange
Where were you when we were getting high?
We were getting high
We were getting high
We were getting high
We were getting high

Rants of the misguided nature

Days before the election day in Bangalore a billboard on the road exclaims -
"YOU are the reason why we are ashamed of ourselves. Change that and don't forget to vote this time"

Excuse me, I am the reason why some crapbag is ashamed of himself. Much fun came along. Perhaps they meant that we should be ashamed of ourselves for constituting such a lackadaisical political setup. That is why we should go ahead and vote and constitute an incrementally better setup this time.

But am I offended, yes. Everytime I see this billboard. Gosh my english sucks.


Fights of logic in a vacation

Scene - 1
Vacationing in Sringeri (a Jyotirmath) and on a dip in the nearby river of Tunga.
Scene - 2
Perfectly undressed (with the undergarments on, I mean) man jumps for the water with shampoo on his hands, waiting to be applied on his head.
Scene - 3
Lets call the man, TM (troublemaker). TM's wife (TMW) calls out loud in an endearing tone (for her husband) which more than reveals a fear inside (of the guard sitting beside) and says

TMW - TMji don't use shampoo or soap, otherwise the guard will do some galatta (create a scene)
TM - No it does not matter (and rinses his hair and his action is perfectly coordinated with the movement of the guard's neck away from the river)

Me - Sir, please don't do that. Like you there are zillions, like me, who like to and love to take a holy dip in these waters (and do their pujas etc).
TM - How much difference (damage he should have said) can the amount of shampoo, on my head, can make?
Me - (Boom, baah, bust) I mumble. Can I say that the 8 grams of shampoo on your head causes a damage of Rs. 1000 worth of aquatic life.

Lessons learnt -
  1. Economics - Had it worked?
  2. People - Only driven by fear, ruckus and not logic.
  3. Education - My education is not helping me and most importantly his education is not making him aware as well.
What the heck?


Linguistic overtures ...

Quirky, related? Yes the words in English !!!
Gateway = Getaway

On a completely unrelated note, a quote that I coined yesterday which had been on my mind for long. I can't prove but an empirical study on me reveals so -
"Success of any education is a direct measure of confusion that it creates."
So long as I did not know why did I pay so much for a popcorn in a multiplex, I paid. But now I know it is due to couple of factors -
1. Simple economics - demand and supply - Inelastic demand. (Is it right? I doubt)
2. Marketing - Discriminatory pricing, fleecing the customer.

A good education just widens the ways and angles in which your mind can roam. It gives structure but it also gives you so many roads and alleyways which you can now roam. Earlier there would have been the way, only one way or you thought there existed only one way which was the right one.



Sometimes its just the music in your head that you don't need anything to sway.
Sometimes you can just float in the crescendo inside that takes your breath away.

Sometimes its not the lights and the water that tell.
Sometimes its just the reflection beneath that come alive and your eyes are swell.

Sometimes its not the outside that tears you apart.
Its just the inside which holds you apart.

Sometimes its just ....
you are good, you are bad.

Sometimes its just ....
you are ugly, you are beautiful.

But still its just ....
you want to be with a feeling of someone
who feels that the sunshine still comes up your arse :-)

Its just
its just

And before this moment of light dies,
I want to be my own sunshine, not someone else's.

The inspiration -


Talking about "IT", getting miffed and finally pissed!!!!

Apparently "Crossword" does not have a tab for searching books and I was miffed. When I tried to Landmark this is what I got -

I am pissed. The website was devoid of any eye-sore but this is not even an eye-sore. IT miffed and pissed. This is what I was searching for -Nytimes recommends it here.
Amitava Kumar recommends it here.
Marginal Revolution's post here.
Finally TED's post here.

All this while my bated breath dies out looking at the alien oriental font tracked from Landmark to Sify. Phew !!! I wait to pounce on it.


Movie today !!

There are some feelings that rush up inside you when specific things happen. Today, while opening the first pages of "On Beauty" by Zadie Smith, some thing happened. I guess it is the bliss of first few pages of a book, when you are off reading for eons. Worded descriptions became beautiful visual treats and at once I felt I was back, in my elements, enjoying the word-play of the author and revelling in it, yes that's the right word "revel".

The movie ended, and "the bluest eyes in Texas" is still roaming somewhere in my damn head playing on and on. The effect is the total incapability of emotions that strike you after a "breaking" experience, that sometimes, movies can be. Emoting is taken for granted, well I felt today, no you can lose that, ineffable, that's the right word. The lump in your throat lingers on and on and on, and refuses to let go.

Now showing - Never see, but once seen you will never forget!!!!
With "Bluest eyes in Texas - By Nina Person/ Nathan Larson

Movie today !!

Not a movie by any stretch. A ride in damned hell for sure. See it for yourself and see if you can pass the night sleeping. I don't care to say no more.

Now showing -


Linguistic Overtures

English language quirks, mathematically speaking.
Intim"id"ate - Intimate = " ID ", coincidence or Freud coined these words.

Movie today !!

Self referential dialogues, add to that a father who defends cigarettes and tries to be the "role-model" for his son, phew!!! I would say tough job and definitely principled negotiation turned on its head!!! Let me make my point on self-referential dialogues - clear (like GNU!!!).

Nick Naylor (NN): What about lobbyists? (in a lecture to 3rd graders)
Kids: What do you talk about?
NN:I speak on behalf of cigarettes.
Kid:My mom used to smoke, she says cigarettes kill!!!
NN goes on to refute the kid's argument by saying that her mom is not an expert, then he says -
NN:There will always be people trying to tell you "what to do" and "what to think". I am here to say that when someone tries to act like some sort of an expert, you can respond "who says".

Now this response undermines the authority and hence the dialogue. But imagine if these kids respond "who says" and that's where GNU comes in, for information GNU is self referential - GNU Not Unix. Anyway I am high on gas, enjoy this piece of great film making.

Now showing

Movie today !!

Style, independent film, perfect cast and direction they say. I say stylish, dunno much about direction, positional bargaining (eeks!!!) and "Either its my way or the highway". Now do I need to say more?

Now showing -

Movie today !!

Well, strange homecoming, with all those "i-had-left-them" friends who keep waiting for you and ever be the faithful one. Add to that lingering tracks - sample them
1. In the waiting line - Zero7
2. Don't Panic - Coldplay
3.Love will come through - Travis

Well, nostalgia for out-boarders, reminiscent and reminded me of home, friends and forgetting and remembering that I have forgotten.

Now showing -


Movie today !!

One day down from ++2007 and a tepid movie with some real mind-bending soundtracks like Alanis Morissette, Sarah McLachlan. Glittering eyes, Ernest Hemingway, some real nice dialogues, but forget the movie listen to the following -
1. Angel - Sarah McLachlan
2. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
3. If god will send his angels - U2
4. Uninvited - Alanis Morissette

Now showing -

Movie today !!

Exams screwing around and new year that just meant, in programming terminology, ++year. To add to that all and sundry sending mail and for-what-I do-not-know wishing everyone. Anyways movies and romantic it is.
A Good Year - bond yields, overworked MBA life's post-cursor and a cute french femme to top it all. See once - forget later.
Now showing -