Technology as an enabler - chuck that

This happened to me just now -

So when I am commenting on an article I am reading on LiveMint, which had some problems in linking. Apparently the third page of the article has been wrongly linked to another article by Vir Sanghvi on Rolling Stones while I was reading an article on data mining. I try to point out that, and I get this error (INVALID written next to my first name).

So today's discovery- I have an invalid first name. Thank you Amma, Appa for giving me an invalid name. Ayyo!!!


Shreyas said...

LOL. But I feel the error is supposed to be for the last name. Both the coder and the tester have screwed it up. Add that also in your comments :)

EggHe/\D said...

Shreyas- So according to new coding practices ... I can't have a second name with a single letter.Haha! Preposterous !!

Shreyas said...

Your second name/last name is Ramani. Not R.
For that matter why don't you call yourself S.R. :D ?

KrRahul said...

Invalid firse name was really funny. And I too have found the same problem - articles linked to diff pages too. If you click on print, some times another article gets opened.

Though I am a great fan of Mint, and I hope they will sort things out.

EggHe/\D said...

@krrahul - Thanks for kind comment. Ya their website setup seems really bonkers. I pointed that out in comments and the crazy thing is if you refresh the page it somehow automatically links correctly.