A sign of things to come

" but we really don't care about OS's the way we used to. I switch back and forth between my Vista and OSX boxes with ease. Why? Because everything I do now is in the cloud so all I need is a Web browser. Hint: starting a web browser up on both OS's isn't that much different between the two. After getting my browser started I really don't care about the cool desktop search or the improved wifi features (at least not that much). It's not like the early 1980s where there was deep pain in using these systems and each update brought a TON of new stuff.."

This is from Robert Scoble. Although I am not that well informed/aware of the cloud computing business and all, but pretty much of my activities today are centered around my browser. So more power to such things.
What I do understand is -
  1. The OS will become a "low involvement purchase".
  2. Browser will be the cynosure of activities.
  3. Apps will become indifferent to the underlying OS.


TheQuark said...

Read what RMS has to say about cloud computing. (this is not to say it is all worthless)

The neo pundits are seeing a distinct trend with online collaboration for creating documents which earlier needed desktop based application (read MS Office). So you move the data (.doc, .ppt file) as well as computing (the software to create these, read docs.google.com kind of web apps) on the net and all you need is browser most of the time (or some other petty software to just update your work between the server and desktop).

Do not get all starry eyed with funky names as "Cloud" computing, partly it is a marketing hype. There were other tools for online collaboration before Google Docs but Google has done it in such a big scale and kept on updating there features regularly.

* What exactly do you mean by low involvement purchase?

* Non MS Browser sure will become a cynosure, MS ones are just an eyesore

* Apps becoming OS independent? Only if we start making everything online (extending Google docs kind of web apps for everything)

EggHe/\D said...

@quark - See now MS office also has come online or they have introduced the browser in MS Office.
Of course there is no use getting all starry eyed (as you put it well) even Stallman Sir seems to say that.
What I am saying is
OS wont be so much important consideration in lappy or desktop purchases ...
OS would become a "was" criteria ..