A realisation albeit late

It's lying in front of you and me. It's just that we do not realise that. Living its life in an afterglow, a shakti. I hate to submit that it is the social mores that seek to "disgregate" them into conventional roles, which are then appendaged with prejudice, discrimination and countless violations, so much so that they (the latter) become common place (consequentially).

Linguistically speaking, I want to take a bow, be apostate, to the person who coined them, such genious.

In case you are wondering what this is all about, ever heard the words "he" and "she". I realise now that -

He is a part of She,
Man is included in Woman,

Without He there is no She,
But no Woman means no man.

I will just say that. Rest is upto whoever reads them, such beauty in a language and in reality. I just hate the social mores and my upbringing.

As an afterthought consider this -

Expense for operating my two vehicles - Rs. 30,000
Expense for the drivers that I employ - Rs. 12,000

Expense for educating my son - Rs. 3,000
Expense for educating my daughter - Rs. 300


(All figures indicate monthly expenses of my Cab Driver who drives us (carpool) from our workplace to our residences. Font sizing is for emphasis.)