Authors I don't know

Periodically I read something and find out that there are so many authors that I just -
  1. Don't know about
  2. Have heard the name and the works but never sampled them.

This is a list which I think would be aggregating from now on to index my ignorance. Today's list

  1. David Foster Wallace - Suicide death on Sep 12, 2008, apparently very famous for Infinite Jest. A remembrance posted on Slate can be found here. Target #1
  2. James Joyce - I know about Ulysses, never read it, but now in Marshall McLuhan's book "Understanding media" I keep coming back to Finnegan's Wake. Target #2

May God grant me the humility to understand that I cannot read all such great people in my finite life. Let me know if you people know about them.


Update 1 - David Wallace's short story "Incarnations of burned children" can be found here


I said...

haha you are in familiar territory :)
Not just james joyce, I havent read, Bernard Shaw or Emile Bronte or Jonthan Swift add to list infinite authors :D

All this has roots, in some psychological deficiency induced by peers, or people you appreciate etc.

When reading becomes more than reading it becomes an intellectual noose

Arvind the terrible said...

Finnigan's Wake was voted the most complex book ever written....
and btw I was asked abt FW in Citi interview... (what's FW given to the world of science? - the answer is quarks btw)