Linguistic overtures - reloaded

Presenting the linguistic overtures, the longitudinal collections. At the behest of a cynic, here it goes, the time warped collection of tilted view of words.

Collection 1 - "Around the world"
Saluting the spirit of obsession - "Lust is contained fully in being a slut"

And they say the problem with the devil was that - "Even after reading it backwards it lived"
Devil and lived
Infact it goes a little inside as well, evil when prodded backwards is live

It's very puzzling to see two words describing the same action, having different connotations but the same letters just rearranged. I need not explain, but see the difference between -
Veto and Vote

Two difficult words with the same letters but very different consequences for our world, today. How a flip can make something so dangerous?

Collection 2 - "Mathematics on english - English language quirks, mathematically speaking."
A matter of taste : State - Taste = '\0' (Null character) which means for me (stating without having a sense of taste is meaningless). I am just curious or plain "wanton"

Matter - Meter = Eat

Touch taken to hurting proportions loses a "t" and becomes ouch.

Intim"id"ate - Intimate = " ID ", coincidence or Freud coined these words.

Propitiously "women ...... men" and the question to you is what fills that dots (a mathematical symbol). The answer is ">" because men on both side cancel out. Now this has some deep insights.

Collection 3 - "Quirky, related? Yes the words in English"

Gateway = Getaway (flipped the three letters in between, and backwards)

Incidentally if you have not wondered ever "Bedroom" has an interesting jumbled up word which is "Boredom".
Two unseemingly related words which are again jumbles of each other -
"Teacher" and "Cheater"

"Fresh from the rakes inside - doom is also after all a mood"

Disclaimer - Some of the listed contents above are plain rants or even beyond redemption. I know or sometimes I donot know. I have just documented as they occurred in that moment. Let me know which are "Meh"!!
PS - Meh is the latest addition to the English dictionary.


The Man said...

Delighted @ de lighted post. stop to read I did dare and liked how you kiled the language.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

good good. i had read this but had to run so didnt stop to comment. now talk to a newspaper or something

EggHe/\D said...

@parth - thanks for the kind words ...
@cynic - naah not worthy ... getting comments is okay. But it stops there ... need contacts