Talking about "IT", getting miffed and finally pissed!!!!

Apparently "Crossword" does not have a tab for searching books and I was miffed. When I tried to Landmark this is what I got -

I am pissed. The website was devoid of any eye-sore but this is not even an eye-sore. IT miffed and pissed. This is what I was searching for -Nytimes recommends it here.
Amitava Kumar recommends it here.
Marginal Revolution's post here.
Finally TED's post here.

All this while my bated breath dies out looking at the alien oriental font tracked from Landmark to Sify. Phew !!! I wait to pounce on it.

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Shreyas said...

Dei...pass on the book if you get it..Wanted to read more about Sudhir Venkatesh esp. after Freakonomics..