juste comme ça

just suffice to say that i have been on a sabbatical from travail (and thats the new addition to my life day today), read as work.
some random thoughts

" when you donot know anything about something then you can do nothing"

somethings that i have clipped and picked from the live artifacts around me......

"life is like an ice-cream, have it before it melts" .... à la B L A C K

" man kaa ho toh achcha...
man kaa naa ho toh aur bhi achcha..." ...... à la coffee with karan with grande and petit B...

"don't love anything too much, you might lose it.
don't hate anything too much, you might have to live with it"

............. @ aloneinmydreams.blogspot.com

"sometimes somewhere someone misses (loves hates desires ad infinitum) somebody"

"can we have zero entropy"

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