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whatever medium you might talk, it always gives me an immense pleasure to talk in an "other" language not just "another" language...... it is always like being a member of a langauge speaking community rather than branding myself as "i know this language". just as an example i have learnt french recently (maybe just a survival kit in french from alliance francaise) but it takes me immense pleasure to say that "je comprends francaise et je peux parle de ca aussi"........

maybe its an innate capability.my father is also a polyglot.....another example is telugu. telugu is very close to my own mother-tongue (ma langue maternelle) tamizh (well for all it is not tamil and very few people can pronounce that unique "zh" phonetic) and i simply enjoy speaking in telugu. often people remark that i spoil and destroy when i do so but they just dont get it.....
to put it very succinctly it is like having a "linguistic orgasm"
it is like people internalise somethings.english is such an example. zillions of people all over the world have internalised english.... so it is nothing but normal for all of them.

maybe speaking in an "other" language may seem awkward but since the process of internalisation has not yet begun so it is comaprable to having sex.... very interesting initially ... and then it gets internalised and then excreted... like the same for me speaking an un-internalised language is like having an orgasm (i still havent one in hetero - mode, though i frequently have it in mono - mode)

nenu ninnu premistunnaanu ------ well find out for yourself.

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TheQuark said...

pilla that means nanhe nanhe tumhare stano se mujhe prem hai :-)