i used to think that i have this wonderful capability to shape things up at the last moment and then say yes now i can tell the tale about that. but thats not so it is really wonderful how people can take tension and then procrastinate not just the work but also the tension or pressure that builds up for the last moment.
but hey then another thing happens. people do really work it up very nicely in the last stages also. this was the thing that i observed last three days.i met three friends who were working on something, rather tediously for the past week yet they had relegate or delegate it. contrariwise they achieved the same the last day in less than two hours of effort. (just imagine a project of temporal dimensions of four months being wrapped up in just two hours of slog)

well thats the way students like me and in my soon going to be alma mater work. we just cannot work until the time has come or there is someone who is always trying to shove a bamboo up our "you-know-what"........

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Lusus Naturae said...

I heard that timely work pays off