out of work

till yesterday i had been with screaming at myself for not being attentivetowards my project. well till yesterday it seemed that i had a lot of workto do, lots of catching up to do. (well i met my guide also who fed me thepills of fear, anyways i am doomed i know so it is kind of apathy catchingup on me). anyways i was talking about having lots of work to do. well idid some work (lots at that) did some cooking up and lots of use of facial expressions and lies which i think was perfected unto satisfaction.
but as of now after finishing the work and submitting the work to theguide/prof now i am directionless. in the evening/morning/noons i seem tobe without direction with nothing to do like a lost traveller who forgotto take any maps when he left home.well another thing. due lack of attention and apathy are like a symbiotictuple. and it is true. today after the con-se-quence of the sabbatical ihad taken i find myself taken over by apathy, a grave disrespect for whatis going to happen in the coming days of the completion of my graduation.the long period of neglection (better put evasion) has planted the seeds of apathy firmly in the terra firma of my soul.

here i am
i've just begun
yeah here i am
still going bad
going to be still bad
i'm just waiting for the new day

when i can say
it's a new day
it's a new world
i've been waiting for this........

talk about being ersatz........................

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