it is a kind of talent. the demographies of this world must learn how effectively make themselves poor. ( huh i forgot in terms of the seconds of the day they have). it is an art to while away time in a just-like-that manner. thats what i have been trying to do. just while away time in my friend's room asking to burn some CD's. suddenly lotsa people are coming to his room with similar requests. so i am kinda backbenching my requests as it is bound to cause some burn-ass sensation for my friend.
anyways if i dont do this, i just sit in front of the officially allotted at my alma-mater (soon going to be). this pc is supposed to be used to study purposes. owing to time-unbound students like me we have found lotsa other ways to pass our time (or make ourselves poor). we play get bored utter some explosively obscene language. the game we play cOuNtEr - StRiKe. it kinda gives u a feel of killing someone though i am pretty clumsy at that.
meanwhile if iam bored with this i try or sometimes feign to read which i used to do voraciously sometime back. i go to the library pretending to get issued good books that are just added to the multitudes of things on my shelf.

thats it. this is what my life has become in the last four months. i donot say this is agreeably pleasant. but still you have to get past april 26 to get to april 27. wonder if the scientists could invent to help junta like us. to jump back and froth in time. to fast forward it. not to say never to rewind it except for certain occasions.......

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