Arrogate, can I ???

Wondered ever why ………

I wonder why Almighty did not give me the powers to stop the inevitable.

I wonder why I cannot stop myself from reaching the climax in an intimate lovemaking experience or preventing myself the afterglow that comes as a consequence of making love with the self.

Have you ever wondered why?

Every one of us gets accustomed and move on when we are staring in the face of a souring relationship. But one sight of our loved ones or the ones who are still the darlings of our heart makes us gloomy, reeling in the aftermath of such a contact, making us feel why?

Though I may say, yes I have moved beyond and ahead of my past relationship. However, I stutter, shortchanged of words, rather feelings, when I see her. I ask myself; why I did not stop myself, stay there in that moment of existence. Can I now move back?

Have you ever wondered why?

That stolen glance, that momentary telepathy between her, and me that can make me or break me into zillions of pieces. Pieces that never meld back into original self. Proving sometimes the whole can be less the sum of the individuals. Even

Wondered ever why ?

After all the human body is just not a “tarred” collection seemingly disparate objects. Something that is called as the icing comes as a special offer only that when it comes it is inevitable and can make or break you.

By a reeling lover……

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