Rain in Bangalore - Through my eyes

Yipppeee this is my first photo post. Hope it turns out to be good.

"Ghanan Ghanan"
Dark ominous clouds,clouds that took away the promise of rain -
(Yup it did not rain - pooh pooh)

All Fotos,
R.Shriram (that is me)

That is where I work - MindTree Consulting, Bangalore



good.. better... best!

FailedGod said...

Fuck Man!
Cool snaps...
gives the feeling of weather there....

Saurabh said...

cool man
wh camera u r using
keep posting as many pics as u can

stan_da_man said...

Oh TYRO BOY!!! goooood pics..me was abt to blog abt d damn rains too! chk it out hokay?