Ode to an electron

An ode to the electron

A press of hand and

a fleck of light

I see the fans twist by your sight,

I see the faces relax by your sight,

As you reach the positive shore,

You may end there,

But I want more

So I wait for you,


I can’t do without you.

(Inspired by U2)

1 comment:

Max Babi said...

This is good, Ninru K.
Crisp, clear and concise.
Should be sent to Wikipedia as a sample of science poetry, really, I mean it.

Do the electrons die when they reach the positive shores? That would lead to massive explosions every moment, annihiliation of matter releasing unthought of multitudes of energy...right? They just get neutralized, like much married men, resigned to a life without a trace of naughtiness....