An idea to write about

A crazy thought if you will (I might try this with Zephyr's character soon) -
  1. What am I talking about - a character in a movie or a book (I prefer the latter)
  2. "Shoot" - Architect a character that ages in the usual way but matures in the opposite. In other words, imagine you born with the mental wit and wisdom of your grandpa - at age 0.
  3. "The suspense" - As you grow only one of the thing increases - your age. Your mental wit and wisdom goes down just like the way in normal life our mental wit increases, supposedly, with age and experience.
  4. "The consequence" - This has always been my favourite part - you will be aged 70 but will behave like a baby and that is what is needed in this mad mad world.
  5. Disclaimer - This does not intend "anterograde amnesiatic" effects to be incorporated.

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