Linguistic Overtures

I am writing again after a long long time. This time my focus has somehow turned into language and its peculiarities. Here are some gems (according to me obviously).

1. "Begum" - "Be"+"Gum" meaning without any sadness, what a farcical word this one.
2. Incidentally if you have not wondered ever "Bedroom" has an interesting jumbled up word which is "Boredom".
3. Two unseemingly related words which are again jumbles of each other - "Teacher" and "Cheater".
4. Propitiously "women ...... men" and the question to you is what fills that dots (a mathematical symbol). The answer is ">" because men on both side cancel out. Now this has some deep insights.

Languages created by humans are so beautiful and they are so quirky that no one notices these small yet very profound links.


I said...

ha ha nice observations
actually why we-men are so obsessed with woman :)

I said...

oh yeah its me -ashu

TheQuark said...

woman == woe-man