Who am I - A Bad bad post

This is a bad bad post. Stuck in my mind for more that two days, hence I guessed it will be a real sucker.
Please send all your hate mails (if you happen to read this)here.

Title - Am I me ?

------------------The words---------------

I long for that horizon,
that is not mine, that cannot be mine.

I long for that sense of me
which finds me everyday, in the dark alleys of my mind,
which betrays me everyday;
for I exist, I conclude,
in a farce; in a Truman's show;

He asks "Who are you?"
I say
" I am that hope which will not emerge"
" I am that purpose which is never fulfilled"
" I am that dream, which is meant to be broken"
" I am that war where needs massacre wants"
" I am that void, that canvas, in my soul
that wants to be freed, from
that wants to be coloured, not in
the monotony that is me"
" I am that yesterday, where winds of change lead to"
" I AM the sisyphus"

He is disgusted for I ask him
"What have you made of me"
He says
" You are the victory of grotesque choices over nascent volition"
He says
" I should not seek that horizon,
I should not see that image which is me, for
they are lost, squandered, in the silhouette of my past"

I console myself, for
what I do, what I will do, become
the horizon, the dazzle of new found hope, the dream, the compromise of realising
a true me,
and a new me.


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Max Babi said...

I donno dear if this is a wayward piece of prose pretending to be poetic or a secretly-eloped piece of poetry dressed up in bridal saari of intellectual pose? Which?

For one thing, it seems a bit too verbose, intentionally high-brow what with Sysiphus et al raising their heads anachronistically in a Bryan Adams concert or a Brittany bash. Please don't daunt the readers...bloggers may not all be high-brow TamBrahms. Or put those notes in Tamil, using this script.
Can't say much, since the potent stuff is hiding in a lot of fuzz.