juste comme ça - design questions

One of the things that always leave me bemused is the aspects of design and its fundamental principles. Definitely looks like a rather over-creative job that well exceeds my boundaries of creativity.

Read this - A designer's take on Google homepage, intriguing enough

Check out the design psychology page here. Worth reading once.

I do believe that the study of usability (and henceforth design), HCI (human computer interactions) will take the centrestage (aka disciplines in vogue) when site counts exceeds normal cardinalities and people will not take for granted the contents strewn around a web site.


Yatin Sethi said...

Interesting stuff dude ...
and Google is anyways one of the hottest topics these days ..
Keep posting ...


parwana said...

read john maeda's laws of simplicity


u vl definitely fall in love with them